Here's How to Earn Every F1 2019 Trophy and Achievement

Its not a shame that they are online, its more a shame that some are glitched, they do not pop when you achieve what is needed, like weekend warrior, 10 races online and others
"Around the World" didn't pop for me. Did a clean lap on Time Trial on all circuits, including the short variations. Nothing.
Got 24 of 25, so one of the tracks is definitely not working properly.

Big question is which of them?!?! :banghead:

Also I find the "gold skill rank in multiplayer" to be laughable. I mean, only the best drivers will get it. Those who are in the midfield and further down will probably never get it.

Safety rank I get. Everyone can get that with just driving safely.

But going for wins to get higher skill rank will most likely be something only a small percentage will manage.
Hey y’all. So I did the weekly Grand Prix this past weekend and weekend warrior didn’t unlock. Just the whole event trophy. Am I missing something. On PS4 btw