Honda HSV-010 GT?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by MaverickCOD4, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. MaverickCOD4


    Hello all, hope everyone's enjoying GT5 as much as I am...

    I was wondering if anyone had heard anything out of PD on whether they will be releasing Super GT500 cars from future seasons going forward? The reason I ask is, I'm completely head over heels for the new Honda race car that just so happened to WIN the GT500 Driver's AND Team Championships for 2010. If any of you have seen this monster yet, it is truly a thing of beauty. Let's hope that PD's ongoing support of GT5 includes updated championship cars!
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  3. CoolColJ

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    It wasn't finished in time for GT5, might get released in a future patch
  4. xNEVER-ONEx


    There better be a road version.
  5. neema_t

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    That exhaust note... I'm speechless, it's almost haunting. I want this, right now
  6. HN7


    If it is, it'd be in the price range of the LFA :(
  7. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    Credits well spent. Bring it on. And while PD's at it, give us a livery editor.

  8. HN7


    I was actually talking about a real life car :lol: because if it cost ~500k, I won't be able to afford one, like ever. But yeah, this car in DLC would be great.
  9. Shinzah


    The HSV was designed for Super GT and Super GT only. There is no Roadcar and there is to my knowledge no plans for a Roadcar.
  10. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    I wonder how much blood I would have to donate to be able to pay for one, were it real.
  11. HondaFanatic


    Do want!, on a side note.. you know its bad when i have 15 Championship white chips from all the honda's i've bought in this game..
  12. HN7


    They were developing a road version but scrapped it (financial reason probably)
  13. HangDC4


    So I'm guessing the road version would look something like this if it did come out?
  14. Muzaffar

    Malaysia Malaysia

    Well actually, I think it was this:


    But honestly, Honda ain't gonna make a road version of this car anytime soon sadly. Although I would love to drive (and especially hear) the car in GT5! Oh dear PD please do include this car in the future updates... :D
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  15. HaoleHatingWRX

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    The HSV was supposed to be new NSX and Honda was developing the Super GT and road cars at the same time. Honda received special dispensation to run the HSV after they decided to can the road car. Same thing happened when Subaru was racing the Impreza even though they didn't have a two door model anymore.
  16. khj94704

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    As much as I was looking forward to the release of this car in real life -- sadly not driving :( -- it wouldn't have been right to make an NSX that wasn't an MR. I've seen the video of it testing on the track. My god it sounds like a banshee... I'm certainly looking forward to giving it a whirl in the game.
  17. dabest2500


    I remember reading about this a while back.
    ^ :lol: That's what I want to say when it comes out
  18. Too bad after the financial apocalypse Honda has decided to make green crapboxes instead of real cars.
  19. Hopefully soon to be in GT5!
  20. Rotorist

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    Furai IS in GT5 and sounds nothing near the real thing! Hope things like this get fixed soon.
  21. Vinz93


    They Should Insert This Car in GT5!!
    I Think they add the HSV in The Weider, Epson, Raybrig and ARTA Livery.
  22. Dazza-On-Toast


    They did scrap the NS-X replacement (i.e. this car) and then brought it back to life as the Super-GT car. There was also another rumour a few months ago that they we're going to look at a new road version using the Accord platform (in a backwards formation!) but no news since.

    It doesn't currently fit in with their plans... but with it winning the Super-GT championship in the first year maybe they'll find a way. I'll believe it when its out though!

    I hope Kaz puts it in - either a patch/DLC/GT6 I don't care - I just want to drive it!

    Follow the official Super GT series here.
  23. bringing this thread back because i too hope they add the HSV to GT5.
    Car is a beast!

    I was just at the epson site checking theirs out, what a car!
    On a corny side note, there are kinda neat little paperforms of the HSV
    at the epson site!! Super intricate and will probably never get one together,
    but they are kinda neat!
  24. eecubed


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  25. The Vanishing Boy

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    -> The HSV-010 GT is nice and all with livery, but I want it in plain-body form:

    Honda HSV-010 GT Plain Body '10

    ^ And while were at it, like the GT-R prototype 'Black Mask' from GT5P and GT5. Why not feature its road-spec breatheren?

    Honda HSV Prototype Road Car '08

  26. Mr.NSX


    Good news guys!
    Honda has revived the NSX replacement (HSV-010) project as of 2011. They wills start putting effort into a road going HSV (:
  27. If I recall the HSV-010 was not a NSX revival, since it's an FR while the NSX is a MR. The NSX revival should've been the HSC which got scrapped,(but is in GT ;D).
  28. GTWelsh

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    They have the GT500 licence, so they can do what they want with Super GT cars surely, but they wont and they will use the old, 6 months per car card on us.

    They were going to have DTM as well, but couldnt due to time limit.

    THINK they have D1 licence, (GT logo on all D1 cars windshield I think)
    But again, 2 cars, yes thats plenty. /sarcasm

    Love the game, but lacks actual content.

    Awesome base for the next game though if they felt the need to employ enough car modelling staff.
  29. NotSoSilentBob


    Last I heard Honda requested and recieved permission to use the car due to a clause in the rules stating the car must be production ready and thus the HSV is ready to start production but they haven't actually started producing it. Either way I hope with the regulation of 2 years a chassis it gives game devs enough time to model the cars and not have a yearly release/update for ever changing cars.
  30. freedomweasel


    Are you in the wrong thread or did I miss something?

    Didn't Honda have to get special permission to run the HSV in SuperGT? I'm not a big fan of the series, but I think I read somewhere that since the car wasn't homologated or something they had to ask all the other teams if it was okay or something. Yes/no?
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