How do I create Understeer in RWD cars

Discussion in 'FM4 Tuning' started by Cornholio033, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Cornholio033


    I natarully Oversteer as a driver so I want a car that understeers. I would use a 4WD car but its goes too slow to win races for me. Is there a way I could setup an understeer for RWD cars?
  2. Fezz_ST


    Your never going to fully eliminate oversteer in a RWD car, that's their nature so that's what they will want to do, to dial in some understeer will probably not help to kill the oversteer, what I recommend you do is work on your throttle control, your right finger/foot is the best weapon here, just be more gentle when getting on the power, instead of mashing the power on like you would on a 4WD car, ease it on until you feel the car is stable enough to handle the full power without kicking the rear end out
  3. Not sure why you want a car that understeers but the simplest way to force understeer is to increase the front anti roll bars and lower the rear, you could also do the same with the springs as well.

    As fezz has said, you'll never get rid of overtseer completely on a RWD car