How Much Do You Miss This Game?

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How Much Do You Miss This Game?

  1. To the point of giving up PS3

  2. Enough to play it more than GT5

  3. Alot, but not enough to give up GT5

  4. Not that much

  5. I hated this game

  1. The Bman

    The Bman Premium

    United States
    How Much? Since it doesn't read on my PS2 nowadays, I miss this game to death. If my PS2 gets fixed, I will be playing this game every afternoon till I get back on GT5 around 7:00 PM. So, how much do you miss this game?
  2. Skython


    New Zealand
    I had mine scratched and I couldn't even play a single time trial, froze on Sony entertainment Europe presents, and couldn't get it fixed for a year, I missed it to death, GT4 is my most played game, I almost died, I remember the first time I played it in a race, I was so happy.

    And now I've been playing GT5, I've missed 4 again, so I've let my brother pick up on GT5 while I go back to GT4, because all the cars and enviroments are to the same quality in 4, and has better menus.
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  3. AlexGTV

    AlexGTV (Banned)

    I can't vote since I'm still playing and progressing through. Truth be told I don't think after I finish it I'll be missing it much if I own GT5 by then, it is a better game.
  4. Slashzor308

    Slashzor308 (Banned)

    I did a race yesterday on it actually while i had my bspec 24 hour le mans going. I'd honestly have to say the graphics and physics are nothing like GT5. Just seema a lot more unrealistic in comparison. I loved GT4 ofc, finished it 3 times lol .... but i just believe GT5 has the upper hand in most areas.
  5. AlexGTV

    AlexGTV (Banned)

    The understeer right? In GT4 you'd expect if you let off the throttle you'd steer easier but alas many times it requires throttle. Also the snap oversteer. In GT5 handling is more balanced and predictable, you can DRIFT!
  6. nomis3613

    nomis3613 Premium

    Hopefully GT5 will be patched soon, but as it stands I think GT4 is actually a better game for tuners.
    - the GT5 data logger sucks
    - no test track, drag strip or skidpad
    - no adjustment of individual gear ratios

    And while I can see what Polyphony were trying to do with B-Spec, it is terrible that you have to babysit the driver AND there is no fast-forward option.

    I'm getting right into building up my GT5 career and online racing is cool, so GT4 is gathering dust; but once these novelties have worn off, I might actually find myself preferring GT4.

    And the loading times...oh the loading times...
  7. Shoogar

    Shoogar Premium

    I preferred the lay out of GT4. The ability to inter-change between A-Spec and B-Spec was such a great feature. In my opinion, GT5 will see a lot of PS3's over-heat and a lot of people rage due to it having to be on for long periods of time during the day/night for those A-Spec Enduro's.

    I also dislike the fact that there's no need for a License to participate in an event, or the fact there's nothing to brag about (A-Spec Points). It sort of becomes hard to know if you're using a car that would give you say 70 A-Spec points compared to a car that will give you 200 A-Spec points.

    I see that they have tried to replace Licenses with a Leveling-up feature, which I dislike. Purely because it means that you have to wait a long period of time before you can drive a 'Dream-car' and even then you're finding yourself digging deep into your pockets just to buy one brand new in a colour of your choice.

    As said above, Oh the loading times, it's ridiculous.

    Then again, the Physics, driving style and picture quality on GT5 are great.

    I myself miss GT4, and continue to play it even with nothing to do besides try getting all the F1's in every colour.

    GT5 will once again be a wait for me to enjoy properly. It took me 3 years to finally understand and play GT4 religiously, it may take me another 3 to do the same to GT5.
  8. BobK

    BobK Premium

    The old (joke) song title: How can I miss you if you won't go away?

    I don't miss GT4 because I'm still playing it as much as or more than GT5.

    The many failures and shortcomings of GT5 have been discussed to death elsewhere, as well as its few good points, but I'll mention one of my favorite gripes.

    I find it relaxing to go tooling around in a Lotus Elan or something similar. The other day I did two races, in two separate series, on Nurburgring. Two weeks ago or so I'd driven a somewhat longer race with the Elan on the 'Ring, along with races on Opera Paris, Monaco and la Sarthe. Great fun.

    Now with GT5, outside of Arcade mode and a one-make race (neither of which pay anything, by the way) I can't do that. My options are the GTWC, GT All Stars, Dream Car Championship and the Nurb enduro. The Elan isn't even remotely competitive in any of these. This isn't an isolated case, either, there are numerous other cars/lack of races.

    On the other hand, I can finally race the BMW M3 GTR Race Car in a series it belongs in!

    Still and all, when and if my PS2 and/or GT4 disk expires, I'll be looking for a replacement.
  9. gtbuck


    This was a big gripe of mine for GT5. You didn't need to get licenses to race events... only XP. The licenses in GT5 seems less useful other than collecting some credits and XP.

    I still play GT5 95% of the time now. GT4 is mainly for when friends come over and want to try the racing sim out (setup in the basement with PS2 only). GT4 still holds a special place in my heart... as I logged the most hours on it compared to any of the other games in the series. :p
  10. elston87

    elston87 Premium

    United States
    I pretty much stopped playing GT4 after everything was completed. For instance, I never had even touched my black FGT yet! :p Though I did put like 4000 A-Spec miles on my white FGT... Go figure. It was like "the best car in the game", so yeah...

    Other than the races, I liked the Arcade Mode aspect of GT4. For EVERY vehicle you purchased or acquired, it was put into the arcade mode for you to play as. You could race against other competitors that are even with it (though sometimes GT4's placement is a bit screwy) and race away, instead of just owning everybody in the same-old event. The Family Cup is a feature I loved. Tune your car, and see what it can compete against...

    As for GT5, many features that were in GT4 did not carry on with the new sequal, which made me disappointed at first, but I eventually grasped the GT5 aspect quite fine.

    GT4 is going to show up in my mind again, eventually, begging the question of playing it once more... :)
  11. Jenna Jamerson

    Jenna Jamerson

    It would be cool if they released GT4 for the PS3. I would buy it again.

    I sold my PS2 and my copy of GT4 when I bought the 320gig PS3 in November 2010

  12. Unidos

    Unidos (Banned)

    Has bad graphics, don't miss it at all.
  13. gtone339


    New Zealand
    Kind of, though I still have it and the disc isn't scratched. :)

    I miss GT1 and GT1 more.
  14. dxm8975

    dxm8975 Premium

    I've been playing GT5 recently but I still preferred GT4 for some reasons

    I'm quite satisfied with the tremendous number of cars in the game and the body-painting function with the paint acquired, but I think GT4 had more ways to enjoy longer as it had more race events and factors I miss in GT5.

    And as RTB says here too I dislike that we don't need to get a license to take part in the races/events in GT5, I didn't want PD to ignore the fact that higher licenses are required to participate in them.

    Also I got disappointed to know that we couldn't take pics of standard-classified cars in photo travel, don't see why it's not allowed to shot most of the cars present, only new(some are old though) trendy ones are allowed in contrast.

    And additionally, the loading time sucks as well, GT5 has amazing graphics and physics but for me GT4 is still worth playing in my free time. :yuck:
  15. TheToad263

    TheToad263 (Banned)

    totally agreed. either that or i just wish the damn slim would play ps2 games.... i mean why not?

    PARAGON GT Premium

    United States
    Suprisingly, not as much as I thought I would for as often as I use to play.

    I've still got my PS2, and a working disk, but all of my PS2 stuff was relocated to the basement when I picked up a 360.

    I thought about getting a PS3 around the same time, but got tired of watching GT5 get pushed back over and over again . . . So I jumped ship, bought a 360 and became a Halo addict.

    I guess if I really wanted to I could go down there and fire it up and run a race or two. But its cold down there, and my need to play isn't strong enought to deal with that.
  17. Mr. S

    Mr. S Premium

    Don't have my MC anymore and don't want to play until hitting 100% again - yet, GT4 >>>>>>>>>>> GT5.
  18. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    I've always wondered how it was like to play this game online.
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  19. Naveek Darkroom

    Naveek Darkroom

    Not at all, considering I still have it and still play it quite frequently.
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  20. shotamagee


  21. Mustangmiha


    Very much, might buy it again sometime soon.
  22. JoaoSilva


    well i still play it time to time , IMO it's the most complete GT ever made , massive carrer mode , tracks , cars , you name it.
  23. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    I've been into GT5 ever since it came out, and did not miss GT4 at all, so this is how I voted.

    That being said, I recently returned to GT4, and was surprised to find I am really enjoying it. It's got a whole list of things that aren't in later games. GT4's got AI which actually fights for track-space. The downside is GT4's Ai also punts and pit-maneuvers, and seems completely unaware that we are there at all, but when it comes to side-by-side action, I like the fact that GT4's AI does NOT give up. It's not as 'polite' as GT5 & 6 AI.

    I like the way replays look in GT4 too. The framerates seem smoother. And there's more camera options, like pressing ^ to zoom in on the action.

    And the car wash. Holy **** cars actually get dirty in 4, after just a few races, too!

    The tuning shops. The way tuners will only cater to certain makes & models. I mean, the list goes on and on...