How should GT7's Arcade Mode work?

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Start with what we currently have and build on top of it

The ability to have to bots use livery's from your library
Multi class races
In custom races save favorite settings
Much greater control over the bot difficulty than a single slider
In custom races, pick cars for the bots from your garage, that way you set up custom themed races
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We absolutely need the ability to set opponents cars, ideally from garage AND stock Arcade ones (otherwise in multi class racing I'll be racing five of my own blue Minis)
Arcade car selection is the other point, GT4 had it so close to perfection, with 240/720 cars available from the start, and you unlocked the rest from GT mode.

After getting it so right, they ditched Arcade unlockables! GT5 and 6 have only 20 or so stock Arcade cars to choose from, and in Sport: just eight. Eight. :(

Hopefully in 7 we'll once again have a system somewhat like in GT4, with 100+ cars available offline from the start, and maybe even a way to unlock others within Arcade mode like in 2 and 3, rather than buying them like in 4.

Anything would be better than the 5/6/Sport system, where after buying say, a red RX-7, if I want to race P2 in a blue RX-7, I have to buy another one and make sure both are in the same condition before we race. sigh

With the renewed focus on car ownership, deterioration and modification, it's very important that we can easily access clean, stock models (in any stock colour) in Arcade mode for racing and time trials.

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FM7 had an extensive and underutilized "Free Play" mode with tons of customizable options for racing. That stuff would fit GT7 like a glove.

Then there's the whole "pick your grid" with garage cars. If we could do this, we'd be able to perfectly recreate many races and also avoid broken cars.

Custom Race's AI is a nice foundation. It isn't stellar, but it has quite a few interesting moves. It displays aggression (often too much) and understands defensive lines. But they're not fast nor customizable enough.
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