Huge games you don't care about

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What games that are universally played/acclaimed you don't care about and why?

Here are mine:

GTA games: They feel campy to me and games that are jack of all trades, master of none. Although the open world and driving around, plus tennis, are nice, I like games with more focus.

FIFA games: Although they are enjoyable in last years and not the laughable arcadefest they were in the pre-2010 dark ages, my football itch is covered by PES as I find it more realistic but also more fun.

DOOM: Incredible graphics and adrenaline rush but I can't get over the bleak world and hideous demons. I like more my Call of Duties and Battlefields, thank you very much.

Fortnite: I own it since it's free and I was curious as to what all the fuss was about but I can't get over the art style. I can't exactly put my finger but something as a whole rubs me the wrong way. And I'm not the type of person that only appreciates realistic and/or gritty art styles.


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Fortnite: I feel like it's only this popular because it's free. I never liked the style of the game, it looks like a battle royale game for kids. I like the look, feel and atmosphere of PubG and Black Ops 4 much better.

Star Wars BF: The single most casual shooter I can think of. When I say casual I mean soul-less and dumbed down for the masses beyond belief. Shameful from the same people who brought us Battlefield.

EA Sports games: NHL, NFL, FIFA, doesn't matter. Never was really into these since they are more or less the same every year, tbh they always felt like a rip off in that sense. The worst part is they allow players to spend hundreds of dollars to stack their teams for online matches with microtransactions. **** EA, I sincerely hope they go under one day. I hate them for many reasons.

Fallout 4: This is a weird one for me because I love the games and the lore behind them. The graphics, gunplay, sound was a definite improvement at the time, but there was just something not right with this game, it did not suck me in like the previous ones. They missed a lot of opportunities to make the world feel more alive and immersive. It felt like a mindless loot and shoot type of game where pretty much every location has hostiles. The story was ok but was full of plot holes, and all the fetch quests got a bit tiring.

The only reason why I stuck with the game for as long as I did were the mods. Mods like Sim settlements, true storms, armorsmith extended, better settlers, conquest, realistic sound, darker nights and many more all brought Fallout 4 to a whole to new level for me.
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RDR 2: It just doesn't click any bells with me. I've just never been fond of Old West games for some reason I can't explain.

Rocket League: It probably looks like a load of fun but something gets my goat about the way its played and how seriously people take it.
I dont get Pokemon. I was too old when it was popular. And still dont get why it is so popular? Why are there so many versions of the same game?

Its popular because its free, but is there a story? I tried playing but personally I prefer games with at least some backstory.

Mobile games
Designed to suck up money and have very little sense of achievment since it is often pay to win. Also very little backstory or any narrative.
I've played a lot of bad games this year... like a lot.
  • The Witness is spirituality for Silicon Valley. Jonathan Blow doesn't understand Tarkovski.
  • Volume is what happens when you strive for V for Vendetta (the comic) but end up with Hackers (the movie).
  • Firewatch tries to fix the problem in walking simulators of the player character arriving after the story took place. It doesn't.
  • Inside is a sadistic piece of crap and if you like it, you're a terrible person. Seriously.
  • Until Dawn combines the clichés and cynicism of both David Cage games and bland slasher flicks.
  • Metal Gear Solid is the cancer on which all of modern gaming is based.
  • Valiant Hearts looks respectful but still plays with history like a loaded revolver that a kid just found (like all of Ubisoft games, really)
  • The Missing is another entry in masochistic queer art, and the "It gets better" message hasn't aged well at all in post-Trump America.
I should also point out I'm never gonna play Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games' stories are like their open worlds: huge and empty.

Tetris Effect saved my life.


Fortnite, Final Fantasy series, God of War series, DOTA, Spiderman, zombie games, well most of the fantasy style games and some others I used to like before; Call of Duty especially after the first two installments and probably BFV.
You mean the original one? What you dislike about it? The cutscenes? That it tries to be a movie?

It only sees cinema as a string of action set-pieces, with distinct gameplay mechanics that all feel terrible. Remember when people said that death is the big action scenes of Uncharted games scraped the tension? Where were they when this thing came out? I don't know which one is worse: the cable jump scene where I died over and over the first time I played? The never-ending staircase shootout? The final chase that is impossible without being in first-person at all time? At least the button-mashing torture minigame is honest! And works!

It also kickstarted the modern trend of games tackling difficult, meaningful subjects, but not tackling them well. The whole script reads like a melodramatic high school essay on nuclear warfare, and makes the game even more disjointed and incoherent than before. I see people talking about MGS as a revolutionary game, but all I see are the remains of bad European mini-game movie adaptations and PC FMV games. Do a stealth puzzle, watch a long cutscene, do another stealth puzzle, watch an even longer cutscene.

Everything wrong about gaming today can be traced to this thing.

Playing through this game also confirmed something I thought for a long time: Suda51 was always a better writer and designer. Killer7, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, The Silver Case, Let It Die: One masterpiece and four great games.

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I agree with Fortnite. I tried it and didn't really see what all the fuss was about. Same goes of PUBG too.

I guess I can add GTAV to my list too. It was cool when it first came out but now I no longer care about and probably won't even bother with the next one since Rockstar seems keen on making it an MMO game.
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Assasins Creed is the one that does it for me. I did very much like the first few, but the actual mechanics behind the game are a bit uninspiring. They look great, but tend to be a little boring from time to time.

It only sees cinema as a string of action set-pieces, with distinct gameplay mechanics that all feel terrible.
I think the problem is that the mechanics haven't aged well. They were fine when things were first introduced on the PS1, but with them being relatively similar in that regard, it just doesn't hold well anymore. That doesn't make the originals bad, in my opinion.

Everything wrong about gaming today can be traced to this thing.
I'm not really seeing the connection with what you're saying and modern gaming as a whole. Maybe for a very specific Genre, that fits in with Uncharted-like games, but that makes sense because they're actually designed to be like a cinema. Resident Evil 4 was similar as well, but I feel the whole button mashing in between scenes would just killed the vibe and overall design and flow of games like MGS.

That you feel the game didn't tackle whatever script it was trying to has little correlation on other developers doing well/not well with their own. You're acting like this has caused the vast amount of modern games to unfold the same way, but I'm not sure I understand how, at all. What games are you talking about? You're insinuating that it's affected gaming as a whole, I should expect that list to be vast, right? Just wondering because I highly doubt that this game caused the rise of Microtransactions and Lootboxes, which is a real issue with modern gaming in my opinion.


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Mass Effect
Kingdom Hearts
Call Of Duty
Assassin's Creed
Half Life
Last Of Us
The Witcher
Final Fantasy
Resident Evil

Never played any of them and probably never will. Don't even know what half of them are even about.

Loads more missing from that list.
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Fortnite - overrated. fun for a little while, got boring quickly, but still played it because friends played it exclusively.
The Witcher - just not interesting. Skyrim and Fallout were enough for me. Not willing to dive into RPGs any deeper.
Dark Souls - ^^^
Final Fantasy - ^^^
Black Ops series post BO1 - Why. Don't care how good it is, just like BO2 I will refuse to buy it. I picked up BO3 when it came out but it wasn't anything special. First one though, by far the best, and probably the best COD of all time.
Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter - not into fighting games
Tom Clancy's: X - Not really into them. Siege was pretty cool, but I was over it after a few months. Can't believe tons of people still play it actively.
Need for Speed - not as cool as an idea that it used to be back in the 2000s. Haven't played a single title on PS3 or PS4.
The Crew - one of the most disappointing games ever made. I was hyped for this game, because of the huge map. But that's all it was. A huge map.
Other random games that I forgot about until I saw Liquid's list - Half Life, Bioshock, Last of Us, Overwatch, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil.

Also, ANY ZOMBIE GAME EVER MADE - thank the lord that the zombie genre is finally dead. It was sooooo over-saturated for years and years.


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Call of Duty
Kingdom Hearts
DOTA, League of Legends and all other MOBAs.
World of Warcraft, FFXIV and all other MMOs
Sports games, with the exception of golf games.

Not super hot on Assassin's Creed gameplay-wise, but I do appreciate them bringing these interesting historical periods to life.


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Most fantasy stuff like Skyrim, FF and Wow. Also don't really have an interest in horror games, games that are cartoony or any game that focus soley on massively multiplayer without any sort of proper single player campaign.
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Fallout 76, Fallout doesn't work as a multiplayer atleast in the way they have done it, co op would be the best they could go, Fallout is about Lore just as much as the gameplay and this one forgets that.
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Any fighting game. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, SoulCalibur, Super Smash Bros.. I could go on.

Also any 'remake' of a game. Shinier graphics simply do not cut it for me. How so many people want a bunch of games 'remastered' is beyond me.



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Age of Empires




Fortnite (or any other battle royale)



Final Fantasy

Mass Effect


Mobile Games


I also disagree with some of @VincentVendetta points about MGS, Inside and The Witness but not gonna argue about it. No game cited in this thread needs defense. ^^
Basically everything which isn't a simulator.

Thanks to Assetto Corsa, ETS2, rFactor, DiRT Rally, I just can't stand all those extremely popular surreal games anymore.
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Pretty much any open world game, for me. Too much emphasis on map size and not nearly enough on interesting content to put in them, eventually I just find myself fast traveling everywhere just to get to the next thing to do and the world becomes nothing more than a glorified menu screen at best and a genuine annoyance at worst.

I was hoping FH4 would change my mind about that, but after completing all the races on the map there isn't anything left to do but grind for trinkets I don't want anyway, so it just got uninstalled.
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Any Rockstar open world game.
Anything with Fallout in the title.
Anything described as a MOBA or a Battle sodding royale game.


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I personally think that 99% of all video games are complete & utter garbage. I only bought into the Playstation franchise for Gran Turismo back in 2002, & since then have liked about 10 to 15 games other than GT. I tend to like the strange games that defy genre & try to do something unusual or new, but sadly games like that are few & far between. Even GT Sport is a game that I don't like, or want to play anymore...


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I only bought into the Playstation franchise for Gran Turismo back in 2002, & since then have liked about 10 to 15 games other than GT. Even GT Sport is a game that I don't like, or want to play anymore...

I have always been a PS guy since the original back in ‘95, and GT has always been something I’ve looked forward to. Otherwise there aren’t that many PS exclusives that interest me, GTS doesn’t impress me and I doubt the next game will either. I’m seriously considering a PC next time around.