I’m excited for grid this September

United States
I just saw a twitter post about it. I just got grand turismo on my new PS4. (I traded away my Xbox). But I’m also excited for grid it will be a nice other racer to go to and I think or hope it’s supper sim as well. I haven’t played grid in a long time. It was a great game backnin the day felt so real with its sounds and graphics. I hope it’s the new super sim for consoles. I didn’t like project cars 2. And besides assetto corsa which is amazing. I hope grid ads to the list of in my opinion top best racing games ever. Assetto corsa, grand turismo sport, grid (coming soon) and f1 2018 and soon 2019. And Wrc8 (coming soon). I also wonder how gtr3 game will be if it comes out. It’s good grid is coming it give you a chance to try cars botnin grand turismo or tracks