i cant drift this:P

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    when GT5 online got shutdown i bought GT6. the physics are totally different in GT6 whice made it harder. i tryed alot of practicing and spended days. i gave up and later sold my PS3 to build a custom pc. i have a driving force GT and want to do a cool racing game again. so why not build a PS3 again for extremely cheap. Monday or Tuesday my GT6 copy will arrive and i will start career first ofcourse. anyone got tips for drifting with DFGT? what i notice is that the FBB is really hard even on lowest whice makes it hard to countersteer fast if im spinning out since im in a living room.
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    For starters FFB comes down to preference but I can probably say most of us run max settings to FFB (mostly set to 10 in options) since it just makes everything easier when it comes to holding a drift, adjusting your angle during the corners and all the good stuff :tup:

    With your DFGT, I suggest if you like using the handbrake that you map your controls so you don't have to press the button on the wheel, since this can be hard to track when the wheel turns, so maybe use a spare controller for the handbrake etc.

    Thirdly, it is very wise if you know how to tune a car for drifintg, there is a basic guide of what happens when you tune particular settings here :)

    Finally, practice makes perfect because you don't learn how to drift in a few hours of GT6 :D
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    Thanks for this. this is very usefull and i will use your tips! monday my GT6 will come i hope and i will use so much of your tips !
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