Igor Fraga Will Race a Formula Three Car (With Gran Turismo and McLaren Sponsorship)

I saw Fraga racing F3 in Interlagos in 2017. I saw him winning the FIA GT Nations Cup and Mclaren Shadow competition last year. Now the "kid" is gonna race F3 in Europe. Damn.

Rock on buddy, hopefully you'll kill it there and get to make professional racing your carrer.

Fly Fraga! Cheerin' for you from here in Brazil!
Wow Spa Confirmed I knew it was only a matter of time guys! :D
Nah but seriously this is cool stuff hope he does well. Would be dope if we get this car in game some day if possible. It would be great DLC Igor Frags’s own car in GTS :bowdown:
Part of me hoped that tye Formuka 3 car will come to GTSport so we can have complete lineup of open wheelers (F1 and F3 with Super Formula in between).

Congrats to Fraga.

My thoughts exactly! The Red Bull Junior is already approximating an F3, but it would be nice to get the official car. Then we just need Senna's West Surrey car back to approximate F4 and we have the full open wheel ladder in GT from karts all the way to F1 :D
That's great. Now he will have someone to take care of his pit strategies :P.
The news is only the sponsorship as Igor has been racing F3 for some time now.
I have to say I have absolutely no clue who Igor Fraga is... is he related to Felipe Fraga, who's been driving for Riley Motorsport in IMSA this year, amongst other things?
http://www.acisport.it/en/FORMULAREGIONAL/news/2019/58424/in-the-battle-vesti-is-the-winner/Paul third place not bad for him for the first race.
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