Incoming New GT Sport Cars Show Up as GT6 Seasonal Event Prizes

The car in the bottom left is the Toyota FT-1 Concept. Though, given that the new Supra isn't far of, it could possibly be the actual Supra... I highly doubt it given the changes between the design of the concept and road car as spied, but we won't know until they are fully revealed.
Shouldn't the new cars already be here?

We don't know. All Kaz said was next week. We did have a maintenance pop-up on Wednesday. But because of the PSN issues I personally don't know if the maintenance actually happened. Not awake at 4am lol. Today we get another pop-up. It could be the routine maintenance that may have been missed. Or it could be the update. In the past the majority GTS updates have been on Fridays?
"Hey we're sorry for shutting down GT6 online, take these free soon-to-be-GTS cars as a reminder that we think GT6 was a disaster and don't care about it."
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