IndyCar Joins the Esports Party With iRacing Championship for Pro Drivers


United States
Saginaw, MI
With my head hung low I broke the news to my twelve year old son that we wouldn't be attending the Belle Isle Grand Prix this year (a yearly tradition three years in the making). So I find this announcement to be somewhat refreshing. A small silver lining on an otherwise very dark cloud looming over the entire planet right now.

Now, if Scott Speed takes ONE STEP out of line racing against my son's idol's, many of whom he's met and been photographed with, he'll completely ruin the entire thing. However, I'm quite sure he's been read the riot act by INDYCAR, iRacing, and knowing Roger Penske, probably him as well.

Best part of this: It only further validates to my wife that sim-racing is so much more than playing video games! NFL, NBA, NHL, etc., none of them are having televised sim-competitions! :lol: :gtpflag: