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Shift early, easy on the power, you have to be smooth with that car.
Is there another alternative to unlocking the 365GTB/4 than winning the Obsidian trophy? Is there another alternative to obtaining the FXX then winning the F50 tournament?
Cars can be unlocked by racing in tournament or Challenge mode.
I think I might have figured this track out. I am getting faster. I still have much room for improvement, but I can see progress. Last night I started 16th and finished 3rd.
Just remember, this Infineon's the wrong course. System 3 for some reason, used the motorcycle course and the REAL Ferrari Challenge course utilizes the Sports Car Course. I do have to admit, racing a race car on the Motorcycle course is weird. That..and a couple corners don't seem right. the hairpin turn into the S's seems a little long.
Interesting ... Supercar Challenge features two versions of Infineon and none is the same as in FC. The longer version has a few SSS when the FC version has a short straight leading to a chicane. The shorter version also does those SSS so neither uses the "straight / chicane" as seen in FC.
right SCC would have the Sports Car Course and Motorcycle course. I still don't know why they use the motorcycle course since the Ferrari Challenge Series doesn't.