IRS GT4 Championship Series - Series Complete! Season 2 starts soon!!

United States
Cincinnati, OH
Family comes before everything so...Happy Birthday to your daughter!:cheers:
Thanks man! 👍

It has been really great racing with you in the series. It's too bad we could not see the drama play itself out at the end pf the season.
I have enjoyed you and your series very much...I know we will see each other on the track again and I look forward to it! 👍👍

Good luck tomorrow...

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United States
United States
Thanks to everyone who participated in the series! It was a lot of fun racing with you all and I hope you guys can participate in Season 2.

The race today at Suzuka was fantastic. I have to admit that the outcome was not what I expected. lol

The racing was intense but clean and respectful. Thanks again. See you on track soon

I will update the standings and results soon.:gtpflag: