Is GT Sport going to increase payouts?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Benny44, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Loverson


    By the time i get 20m, another update will arrive with more cars and my mind shifts on getting those cars first.
    I'm also not going to kill my brain by racing all day BMB, this is also how happy i was when i could earn decent amount of credit with Gr.1 (at least helps me practice those).

    Regardless, something needs to be changed and improved. The only car that is test of "skill" is pretty much the GT-R Safety Car since you can only earn with all golds on driving school.
    It's unfortunate some people defend the way this is, in a game where it's majorly focused online yet the payout for sport is absolutely miserable too
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  2. KepleroGT


    You're refusing to acknowledge the problem and I doubt you have all the cars in the game.
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  3. talhaONE

    talhaONE (Banned)

    Everyone have their opinion and they have freedom to share it. "Pd wont listen so shut up" logic is quite stupid since its against the reason why this forum exist.
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  4. kjeldsen


    While i agree that the game has some very expensive cars that are borderline impossible to get for most normal players i also understand that there is a very simple reason. My first goal was to unlock tracks, then i earned money to get certain cars, then i used all my money on GR2 cars etc etc..
    However, i do not play the game as much as others do, and they have rewards to work for, because for some players 20 million is not impossible.

    As i argued earlier, i think that PD should use the very expensive cars in other ways so that "normal" players could achieve them and as a side effect improve the game.
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