Is Kunos Hinting at Assetto Corsa 2?

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    Wow..that's definitely the best video i've ever seen of someone playing assetto with a pad. absolutely perfect control over the car.
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    Impressed the heck out of me!
  3. Just curious. Does the pad on PC handle the same as console? Seeing as it's changed twice since launch. It looks far more natural in your video too.
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    I had to change my settings on PC a couple of times in the past too, also due to updates. I always got them back to the same sweet spot though, and all console/PC versions use the same physics engine, so I can't imagine there's any difference in feeling if you set them all up nicely. I'd have thought the only differences would be in the menu set up between PC and console.
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    Right out of the box, even a true sim should be pick up and play to a degree. Especially for someone with decades of experience. AC's controls need to be improved, yes, that's really what I'm talking about. This is the only way I'm advocating to make the game "easier." Make it less difficult for people to do what they want to and know how to do.

    AC's foundation is realistic physics, and so everything happening between the car and the road will only ever have one set of rules regardless of input method. I mention this because I believe GT Sport closes the gap between wheel and pad with well thought controller input interpolation (honestly not sure if this is the right word, but I mean it as a good thing) and... a physics buffer. I believe that in their quest to bring online racing mainstream, PD conceded that a vast majority of people would never be able to come close to wheel-smooth inputs with a controller no matter how tricky they got with communicating their inputs, so they gave them a different set of rules. I think that's what you thought I meant, and for the record I feel that that kind of approach is NOT acceptable for a true sim.
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    I would like to see some statistics on that: I love AC, it's my go-to SIM for sure, and I absolutely support the model of "great foundation before tons of eye-candy or glitz", but TOD, weather, and gravel/snow/ice surfaces are all favorites among my SIM racing friends, and something we tend to miss a LOT in AC. Sure, that's a very small sample size, but I would personally be surprised if the majority of SIM drivers don't enjoy those features.
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