Is there a list of everything Gran Turismo items and editions?

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    For example I remember my brother getting Official Gran Turismo Christmas wrapping paper in the post and he threw it away ( I think this was about 13 years ago roughly ) and I haven't seen anyone else saying they have this! :'(

    Has anyone recorded using the Bonus disc?

    If there isn't a list of something like this then I'll probably start it my own one with in the next 3 days if I can, I can post the answer to the question about this picture but I have to find out myself again because I can't remember exactly

    I'm sure I have seen something like this somewhere
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    It looks like the Disc would have the B license complete if you beat GT1. Similar to how GT4 did with Its bonuses from GT3.

    It translated as: "Get License B 15 ??? of tracks, and 100,000 credit bonus."

    Those discs probably just alter the final disc executables, nothing much.
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    I kinda knew the answer but I was just using it as a example, thanks for trying to help me though :-)

    I think this is the disc
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    No the GT2 bonus disc is save file transfer that gives you a free B license, 100 000cr. and 15 race cars. There are no prerequisite such as having played GT1 or anything. And there are no demos of any kind.

    Toyota GT-One Race Car '98
    Toyota GT-One Race Car '99
    Nissan R390 GT1 '97
    Nissan R390 GT1 '98
    Ford GT40
    Shelby Cobra Daytona
    Castrol Supra GT
    Lister Storm V12 [R]
    Jaguar XJ220 [R]
    Dodge Viper GTS-R
    Dodge Viper Team Oreca Race Car
    Venturi Atlantique 600LM
    Lotus Esprit GT1
    Lotus Elise GT1 [R]
    Nissan NISMO GTR LM [R]

    And since I was at it, I recorded it in action.

    Edit: Also, this should be posted on the GT2 thread.

    EDIT2: made a thread:
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    Thanks buddy, I had one of those GT One's but could never get the one you win when you get all golds on S License, at least I know now how to get it :-)