Is there a way of setting up FFB on this game G29 PS4on this game?

Discussion in 'The Crew 2' started by Gavin Vickers, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Gavin Vickers

    Gavin Vickers

    United Kingdom
    Looking forward to driving in this game after last one wouldn't accept my wheel.But I had a go wheel didn't work properly turning it a full half way round be for car started to turn? HELP Please.
  2. Miths


    What's your wheel rotation set at in the game? On my Thrustmaster T150 I've found that 450 degrees in game is reasonably responsive, much higher than that and it starts to feel too sluggish for street cars and hyper cars (and basically everything that isn't a drift car perhaps).
    Obviously no deadzone, and linearity in the middle. I'm not completely sure what the last setting is but it seems to be some kind of outer deadzone. Neutral on that one too.
    And then the force feedback setting near maxed. Which makes it strong enough for my taste, although still poor and uncommunicative.