Is this game going to be updated for the XSX and PS5?

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Yes it will be playable but will it get updated for the more powerful machines?

Depends largely on Codemasters, I personally do not see it being released for the new consoles as with F1 being an annual series I anticipate Codemasters may well wait and release F1 2021 game for all consoles.

Effectively as far as Codies are concerned F1 2020 has been delivered as advised, we know they will not add new tracks to the game and all that is left is bug fixing/online issues.

Circumstances can change but the fact there is no news at the moment means we should not start to expect next gen at this stage,
Other than enhanced graphics, I don't think they'll add specific features for next-gen consoles because the game is only released on current-gen and they can only improve from there.
Most likely not. Think about it, don’t you think that if they were going to do a fancy upgrade, that they’d be marketing that heavily to get people excited?

we most likely won’t see a next gen version until next year. In the meantime, the new consoles may or may not run current gen versions, and if they do (if), the most I think we can expect is a more solid frame rate