Is your car in the game?

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I used to have an E92 325i in Platinum Bronze Metallic. The only road-going E92 in GT7 is an M3, which can be detuned just barely enough to closely match the 325's power. The colour isn't in the game either, though it probably wouldn't take a ton of effort to recreate it.
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None of mine are included. Two because they're Aussie cars ('03 FPV GT-P sedan and '17 HSV R8 LSA Tourer 30th anniversary wagon) and one because it's a wagon ('17 Subaru Outback 3.6R). The closest was the '04 FPV GT back in GT4.


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I have no idea why my XV30 Camry isn’t in the game. It was such a popular car they made millions of them!
None of mine are included. Two because they're Aussie cars ('03 FPV GT-P sedan and '17 HSV R8 LSA Tourer 30th anniversary wagon) and one because it's a wagon ('17 Subaru Outback 3.6R). The closest was the '04 FPV GT back in GT4.

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"You can't have those two together! Separate them before all hell breaks loose"

I hope you understand this reference
Funny story, the first GT game I bought, GT 2, had my car at the time. A 2000 Toyota Echo. I thought it was so cool to have my car in a racing game, and so I've been hooked ever since. Still love the Toyota Yaris as it's called now. OF course my current irl car, Hyundai Sonata, is too boring to be in any racing game haha.
I have a 2009 BMW M3 Coupe with a bunch of Dinan mods done, including a higher ratio differential, wider and lighter wheels and tires, software, full exhaust, suspension upgrade, etc. etc. so I have one in the game that I have recreated the best I can. It sits at 610pp.
Now I just wish they would come out with a 2020 M5 Competition. Then I could recreate my whole garage.
The 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport is in the game, I have the same generation albeit a 2008. So yes it is.
Sort of. I have m3 f80 (comp version), which is basically exactly the same as the M4 f82, but in saloon form (good family car ;).

Really pleased with it 18 months on, used to be a to b with my old standard civic, but trips to shops easily turn into 2 hour detours... Deliberated about getting a german performance car for years, was struggling with cost when civic did job perfectly well and costs a fraction (although m3 running costs not 'that'd bad imo, mainly fuel useage which would be much lower if I drove it much less for the sake of it and changed gears in more sensibnel ranges... sounds, torque is addictive and struggle with discipline to drive it 'normally' as a result... recall watching video reviews and people saying the way its setup, you just want to drive it relatively hard all the time...:D can totally emphasize with that now) Absolutely love the damn thing, no regrets at all, and thats not just me justifying it... truely is immense thing and never for one moment regretted it.

Still has magic now 18 months on and 14k more miles on the clock. Has crossed my mind about getting something more sensible again, but just cannot bring myself to do it, despite logically making sense. Feeling it generates is worth every penny, and I like to think I'm usually a pretty logical person, not governed by 'feeling's :D.
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My current car of a Skoda Octavia is not in the game.
However my previous car is sorta in the game. I had a standard 06 Suzuki Swift not the Sport version. I dressed the one in the game up like my old one. As a previous learner car it had chequers on the bonnet.
I've got the non Type-R version of a Civic in the game so I'm happy. Gf thinks it's sad I drive my own car in a game though.
The Volvo S60 T-5 Sport was in the game from GT4 to GT7. Not exactly my car, I have the D-5 (diesel) version, apart from that same body, rims, etc
I posted about it around April, but…

Yes, even down to the available TRD parts:









(My front plate snapped off and I need a new plastic adapter, as US plates are drilled at a different width to Japan plates)

I have aftermarket coilovers and a slightly more modern head unit installed by the previous Canadian owner that lower the car a bit, and I had to use the racing suspension to match it’s height and visual camber. I have to run spacers on the rear as I found out the hard way that they rub the tires till they deflate (twice), and I’m not able to precisely replicate that with the options in the game. Once I find some aftermarket wheels I want to run I’ll be able to use the wide set in game to make it accurate.

Other than all that it’s incredibly accurate, even the fact that the brakes aren’t very strong.


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Got an EP3 Type R, was in a couple of the older games so always hoping they'll bring it back one day!
The sport versions of my car are in the game ... mine is the economy version (dCi)

2015/16 Renault Clio ..