Jaguar to Reveal New Vision Gran Turismo This Week

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It would be nice of PD could just say either way what is or is not coming to GTS.
Won't they be saying something this weekend?

I do get where people are coming from.

Who knows when we get this thing and really... does anyone care about a Gr.X car with no events and it will have similar handling to the current Gr.X thing already there that most of us have forgotten about.
I think it'd definitely help if there was either a "NE-Series" for electric cars, or if they somehow could get consolidated into the N-Series. Same thing with any car - electric or not - that uses a CVT, like the Toyota FT-1 Concept.
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United States
Azle, Texas, USA
It's coming in 2021. The year's only seven days old.
Apologies, the title of the article said “This week” and that week came and went, so that’s why I was confused.
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