John's '85 ATC200X - Time to Say Goodbye

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Had my 85 out today. Needs a front tire and chain. Needs a kicker return spring but hard to find since they aren't made anymore.


Yours needs a bath. Mine too so don't feel bad. :lol:

I haven't really touched mine lately after I got stuck with the wrong part (caliper rebuild kit). I did have to remove a bird nest from the light cover though. Unfortunately my trike is just sitting there doing nothing since I have no one to ride with, nowhere to ride it or anyway to take it somewhere to ride it.
Yeah she's been sitting in storage. Didn't bothe trying to fire it up though as I just needed it out of the way to put some parts for the trucks in the shed it's stored in. I think the rear master cylinder or caliper is leaking pretty good though, the swing arm was all kinds of wet. Either way to get it back where it should be probably cost about $150. I know the chain is really bad so bad it falls off, so I probably should get a set of sprockets for it too.
That's not too bad I guess. I'll probably be spending the same amount or a little more on mine. Needs a caliper rebuild at both ends, washed, exhaust repainted and the two things I've talked to you before about - the carb adjustment (maybe a rebuild for that too) and fixing the broken extractor and bolt in the exhaust for the heat shield. I might end up buying a new muffler too but haven't decided yet.
After much thought and contemplation I've decided to sell my trike, and for a handful of reasons. The main reason is so I can get a jumpstart on saving up for a truck so I won't have to wait as long. Also I don't have anywhere to ride it or a way to take it anywhere to do so, and I also don't have anyone to ride with. Needless to say all the trike does is just sit there untouched and not see much use. The next reason somewhat goes along with the previous one. When I got the trike I came unbelievably close to getting a 250ES but decided against it even though that's what I'd rather have. But if I did have a 250ES I'd have more use out of it than my 200X since I could use it to plow snow and pick up sticks since we have trees all around our property. It wouldn't matter if I had no one to ride with or anywhere to take it. The last reason is I could potentially use the money I'd make from the 200X to buy a shed and get it ready for use while I'm working and saving up money.

The plan is after the 200X is sold, buy another trike somewhere further down the road so I can still have one. The question is, what would that other trike be? Simple, it would be a 250ES since I'd get the most use out of one of those. Those things were pure workhorses and I intend to use one like that. And let's not forget typical Honda, you could run one of them into the ground two or three times over and still have a pretty decent machine afterward. The way I see it this is one of those situations where I'd be getting the most bang for my buck.

As for where my current three wheeler the 200X stands, I'm first going to call a dealership to see if I could keep my Husqvarna there so I can find a new home for it. No one I know wants it and I'm actually not allowed to post any online ads for it so that's pretty much my only option left. I definitely do need it gone asap. In the meantime I'll wash the trike and do some last bit of work on it and have a dealership check it out to see if it needs anything that I can do myself. If so I'll do whatever it needs then put it up for sale. If I can't do anything on the trike then it'll go up for sale right there as it is. I'm not looking forward to this as it'll be painful to watch the trike go but at least it'll pay off in the end. I'm confident it will.
Moments ago I finally sold my Husqvarna for $50 to a friend I've known since early elementary school. Maybe it's a low price to some but I'm just glad it's gone after so long and after so much frustration. Only downside is every penny I made is going to the three wheeler, that :censored:ing Japanese three wheeled piece of... er... thing. :lol::lol:

One final photo of the bike "for the road" so to speak.

The plan (more like hope) for tomorrow morning is to visit a dealership and service center for a parts order and hopefully in about a week have them in hand and installed. Some of the other work I need to do requires buying new tools so I've run into another mild setback, but what would be a project vehicle without any in the first place? :)
No new parts yet I did have some wet, dirty fun with the X today. I've began washing it and I'm getting it as clean as humanly possible, which will especially be tough since my house doesn't have a hose hookup, forcing me to do it all by hand with towels and brushes. That's okay though as the way I see it, this'll allow me to get all that more familiar with the machine.

Today I finally got my parts in, some brake caliper rebuild kits for both ends. That's not all I need, but lack of money at the moment says otherwise. Tomorrow I'll be installing at least one kit and maybe repainting the exhaust. I'll also have to fix a rounded off screw for one of the brake fluid reservoirs. And since I don't believe I've shared this yet, the original owners manual that I got with the trike when I first got it. :cool:

Update time, I'm still stuck on brakes. Unfortunately a fastener rounded off on the rear caliper even after trying heat and WD40 to free it up, so I'll either be fixing that somehow or just getting a whole new caliper. The picture below shows this which was taken halfway through the process of trying to loosen the fastener before it completely rounded off.

As for the front caliper itself all is well so far minus the fact that I forgot to take the piston out and I don't have the compressed air source to blow it out. However up top on the master cylinder, it won't pump any fluid so I'll be fixing that before I'm done rebuilding the caliper. Luckily I did plan on rebuilding the master cylinder long ago and already had the money saved, I just need to get the parts ordered. In fact if I wouldn't have gotten distracted with other non trike things it would've been done already.

While I'm waiting for parts I have some repainting to do of the headlight mounting bracket and exhaust. These can be taken care of easily so long as I have the proper weather to do so. The exhaust pipe itself will be repainted as well as the heat shield. After these are done I won't have much at all to do so I'll be hopping on Facebook to join some trike groups for an additional parts source and (hopefully) ultimately a headlight assembly. The lens itself is optional since I can find replacements anywhere including Walmart but I'll definitely take an original one if I can find it.

Wow. Feels like forever since my last update. This one is likely the last ever update.

I've since sold the 200x for a disappointing $450. After seeking a professional opinion on what it needed, I was quoted at $1000 or more to fix the trike not including labor. Since I didn't have the money and wasn't well enough equipped to do the work myself, both in terms of tools and know how, I decided to finally sell the machine. To most this would be a tough decision but for me it was rather easy, especially since it ultimately was for the best with all things considered. I do intend to buy another three wheeler but when? I don't know and likely won't for quite sometime.