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    It's not a very large selection of tracks (I've deleted all but three of mine) and I don't
    hack the editor in any way as I don't believe in doing that.
    Here are my course maker creations:

    showcase 2.jpg

    Hudiksvall Hiking Trail!/friend/JockeP22/course/2094493/

    1. Overview.
    2. Discussion.

    Niederbipp Circuit!/friend/JockeP22/course/2060169/

    1. Overview.
    2. Discussion.

    Mantorp Park!/friend/JockeP22/course/1954476/

    1. Time Trial open.

    Wish list for PD;

    - City themes
    - Snow and gravel themes
    - Full weather options on all existing themes
    - 24 hour clock on all existing themes
    - Ability to race 15 AI opponents instead of the current maximum of 9
    - Longer courses than 10km
    - More anchors (they run out on the 10km layouts)
    - Ability to create 90 degree turns
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