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    Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) '04
    Tuned to replicate the
    Honda INTEGRA TYPE R with street aftermarket Coilovers
    And real life setup/specs


    Car used: Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) '04
    Tires: Sports: Hard, optional Comfort: Soft

    Specs - Integra Type R (DC5) '04

    Displacement: 1.998 cc - K20A I4 engine
    Max. Power: 220 bhp at 8.000 rpm
    Max. Torque: 22.5 kgm at 7.000 rpm
    Power Limiter: 95.4%
    Weight: 1.229 kg
    Weight Distribution: 62% : 38% as in real life
    Ballast Weight: 132 kg
    Ballast Position: -33%
    Performance Points: 441


    oil change
    Wheels: Standard stock
    Paint: Championship White

    Tuning Parts Added

    Intake Tuning
    Fully Customisable Mechanical Limited-Slip-Differential
    Drivetrain/Transmission - Stock - Correct in GT6
    Height-Adjustable, Fully Customisable Suspension
    Brake Discs & Calipers - Standard
    Weight Reduction, Stage 1


    Suspension - Ksport Kontrol Pro Damper System Coilovers - ATM with Ksport Springs, real life Camber & Toe, & real life Ground Clearance - 130 mm
    Front, rear

    Ride Height: 130 130
    Spring Rate: 9.80 5.00
    Dampers (Compression): 4 8
    Dampers (Extension): 4 4
    Anti-Roll Bars: 3 2
    Camber Angle (-): 2.5 2.0
    Toe Angle: -0.01 0.03

    LSD - JDM Helical 1.5 way LSD

    Initial Torque: 17
    Acceleration Sensitivity: 30
    Braking Sensitivity: 10

    Braking Sensitivity
    4/6 (personal bb), feel free to use your preferred bb, recommended 2 click higher at rear

    Recommended Setting For DS3 User

    Steering Sensitivity at +1, or +2, all aids off, except ABS 1


    For this replica tune I wanted to go into an aftermarket approach, so I decided to use Ksport Kontrol Pro Damper System Coilovers for the suspension:), and it was possible to use them in GT6.
    I used a forum to gather real life info on damper, camber & toe angle, and used them in the setting aswell:D.
    The info on the transmission is spot on in GT6:), so I left it stock, "does great work"
    The real car uses JDM Helical 1.5way LSD, it is used to get great traction in acceleration, and braking. The car has good rotation, it feels great balanced. The real car weight distribution is 62% : 38%, it has been fixed to be correct in GT6. Have fun with this tune, cheers:cheers:
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    :cheers:...I will have some new tunes up in a near future, I am finalizing the last of them, there are road cars, Best Motoring, Hot Version, and Rally cars. Hope you enjoy this year's Christmas time.:)
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    Nissan Silva Q's AERO (S14) '96 have been updated. Made a mistake with the tranny, thanks to Ridox for reminding me:tup:, I hope I can add a new tune tomorrow, stay tuned.;)
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    City of Arts and Sciences - Night #1.jpg
    Gemasolar #2.jpg
    Happy New Year everyone:cheers:.
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    Spoon CR-Z
    Tuned to replicate
    Spoon Honda CR-Z - ZF1
    Spoon Sports, using real life data

    Gemasolar #2.jpg
    Car used: Spoon CR-Z

    Tires: Comfort: Soft or Sports: Medium

    Car Performance
    Power Limiter: 98.3%
    Max. Power: 145 hp at 6.200 rpm
    Max. Torque: 20.3 kgm at 1.900 rpm
    Drivetrain/Aspiration: FF/NA
    Weight: 1.120 kg
    Weight Distribution: 62% : 38%, as in real life
    Ballast Weight: 125 kg
    Ballast Position: -43 %
    Performance Points: 379 PP


    No oil change
    Wheels: Standard
    Brake Calipers paint: Gran Turismo Blue Metallic
    Car Paint: Championship White

    Tuning Parts Added

    Isometric Exhaust Manifold
    Fully Customisable Mechanical Limited-Slip-Differential
    Twin-Plate Clutch Kit
    Fully Customisable Transmission
    Height-Adjustable, Fully Customisable Suspension
    Racing Brake Kit
    Weight Reduction Stage 3
    Window Weight Reduction

    Gemasolar #6.jpg

    Transmission - Spoon Sports CR-Z 6-speed manual transmission
    Reset to default
    Use default Final Gear
    Set Max. Speed to 230 km/h
    Adjust each gear ratios :
    1st 3.025
    2nd 2.140
    3rd 1.609
    4th 1.264
    5th 1.067
    6th 0.921
    Then set Final Gear at 5.062

    Suspension - Spoon Sports Progressive Springs - Uprated Damper Kit - Uprated Anti-Roll Bar(front), Spoon Stabilizer rear, real life ground clearance 135 mm
    Front, rear

    Ride Height: 135 135
    Spring Rate: 5.70 6.90, front rate not possible from real life is 4.70:grumpy:

    Dampers (Compression): 5 3
    Dampers (Extension): 3 3
    Anti-Roll Bars: 2 2
    Camber Angle (-): 0.2 1.2
    Toe Angle: -0.08 0.15

    Gemasolar #5.jpg

    LSD - Spoon ZF1 Mechanical Type 1.5way LSD

    Initial Torque: 9
    Acceleration Sensitivity: 24
    Braking Sensitivity: 5

    Brake Balance
    4/2, to replicate 4-pot front, 2-pot rear. Personal BB, feel free to use your preferred brake balance

    Recommend Setting For DS3 Controller

    Steering sensitivity at +1, or +2, all aids off, except ABS 1

    Enjoy this one from Spoon Sports:cheers:

    Notes, coming soon
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    Hi It's a great presentation of your cars.:tup: I love all the technical details you put on each car, it's very interesting. :tup: :tup: Very nice job.:bowdown: :bowdown::bowdown: :cheers: :cheers:
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    Thank you @Jeje6410 friend tuner. It's a real pleasure to read your kind words.
    Some of the details are hard to find and it is time consuming, but it is rewarding also.
    PD has some details wrong, some cars has wrong weight, weight distribution, and suspension.
    Weight reduction is a good thing to use, if you want the correct distribution.
    I recommend that you visit Ridox replica garage, I think you will find some excellent tuning in there:cheers:. Thanks again @Jeje6410 :). I will try your tunes, you have been busy, keep it up:cheers:
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    New menu music from GT Sport. Enjoy the music while visiting my garage:). See you all in GT Sport GTP friends:cheers:
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    Hi all. I will be posting new tunes. Is there any of you who still play GT6?.

    @GDII :cheers:, I promised you, that I would post my replica tune of your personal car. I have not forgotten it, have been working on it. Will post it soon:).

    I will very much like to Invite you all to visit the Assetto Corsa thread, Crap'a'Corsa Club. If any of you have Assetto Corsa, I recommend to take part, It's very fun. We all contribute, but It's @HammyMansell :tup:, that runs it, along with @Zakspeed_TV :tup:.
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