Kubica injured in rally crash - Now rallying again...

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  1. Peterram430


    Not sure if this should have been put in the Lotus-Renault thread, mods can move if they think it dosn't need a thread of it's own.


    I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he's recovered in time for Bahrain, but it seems he'll miss testing.
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  2. DaxCobra

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    Hope he is OK. Wouldn't like to see anyone dropping out of the season for any amount of time... Well, maybe Alonso.
  3. sems4arsenal

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    Hope all is well and he can make a quick recovery.

    United Kingdom Birmingham, UK

    The reports say he's fractured his wrist in multiple places.

    I'm surprised that Kubica was even rallying in a Skoda since Renault blocked him from driving anything other than a Renault when he was going to enter the Monte Carlo Rally last month.
  5. Lee

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    Suddenly Renault's idea of 5 reserve drivers isn't quite so bad. Sucks for Kubica though, hopefully he makes it back to the first race but, that's super important testing with new tyres down the drain.. :(
  6. Not looking good for Robert Kubica from initial reports if they are true. He could be out for months but I wish him the best to make a full and speedy recovery. Let's just hope the injuries can be fully recovered from and does not affect his future F1 career. Press release will be out soon.

    If Kubica does miss the start of the season then it looks like Bruno Senna will be driving a competitive car in the colours his uncle used to drive. This will be his big chance to prove himself and Petrov as his yardstick.

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    Yes ,from Autosport:

  8. DaxCobra

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    Would like to see Bruno in a competative car...

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  10. ZEROX

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    Another injured outside F1 eh?

    I think Renault also will enforce their rules about driving outside F1 race.

    Just hope that he'll make it to the first race which is the chance are 50/50.
  11. Thanks for confirming but I already read the article a few days ago that Bruno is first in line for the race seat. It will be a good test to see if Eric sticks to his word or will they hire a more experienced driver such as Heidfeld to take over temperarily as lead driver if Kubica is out for a long time?

    I hope Kubica has not broken his femur as that would mean he will out for the whole season. This would have been his big chance to win the Drivers championship if the Renault is as competitive as the time they spent on it warrants. The only hope Renault have now is that the car is as dominant as the RB6 and then the media will be talking about Petrov or Senna being top drivers wrapping up the title a month before the season finishes. The main thing is though Kubica is OK.
  12. Dan_

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    Bad news, none of the backup drivers are up to Kubica's talent.

    I wish him the best of luck and a quick convalescence.
  13. PeterJB

    United Kingdom Corsham, UK

    Well this sucks. Hopefully he can recover in time for Bahrain. I saw him as a strong contender for the championship this year, and without him LRGP will have quite possibly the weakest line-up on the grid.
  14. They are not short of drivers but the most talented and experienced one looks set to miss the start of the season. He is the only one currently up to the standard of the other top team drivers such as Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Rosberg. It will be take a few seasons before their reserve drivers come close to his level. He also is younger than both Petrov and Senna.
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  15. Morphisor

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    There are rumours that his hand might have to be amputated. There should be a press conference in 40 minutes.
  16. Furinkazen


    Horrible news... hope he is ok. He topped the testing timesheets this week as well...
  17. Furinkazen



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  19. Furinkazen


    Theres a couple pics of him being airlifted away circulating, but I don't think it is decent to post them.

    Fractured arm and leg are rumoured.
  20. TommyWizard

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    Not a fan of F1 but if I was to watch the odd race I'd be rooting for Kubica.

    That man sure does know how to wreck a car lol. Hope he gets better soon, seriously unlucky man at times.

    United Kingdom Birmingham, UK

    Yeah on the first picture you posted you can see that they'd cut of the rear door and boot.
  22. Rossell2


    Kubica is/was my pick for World Champion this year. Hope he pulls through.
  23. Faria0808

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    And then you wake up :idea:
  24. prisonermonkeys

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    Kubica has been injured, yes, but I should not have to remind you that this still applies. Wishing a lasting injury on him for the sake of seeing another driver take his seat is completely unacceptable. If I see anybody do it from now on, I'll start issuing bans.
  25. Furinkazen


    Shouldn't there have been a statement at 1?
  26. prisonermonkeys

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    It's been pushed back. According to NobleF1, a statement was planned for 2pm, but has been moved back to 4pm.
  27. F1GTR

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  28. Muzaffar

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    Man that sucks... and he was already been tipped off this year as a title contender. Just hope he can recover enough time for the final testing and prove he still have the pace as the top runners. But yeah, I really do think this sounds a lot worse than Mark Webber's bike accident at the start of the 2009 season. Wish Kubica a speedy recovery and a best of luck getting back in the car! :tup:

    However if he does not recover in time for the start of the season it leaves the seat wide open for the reserve drivers to take place. This is gonna get more interesting in a couple of weeks...
  29. Faria0808

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    I have a video here, i don't know if i can post...

    There is just extra pics.. and a pic of Kubixz,
  30. prisonermonkeys

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    If you are going to post pictures or videos, then please post a link to them rather than embedding them in your posts. Include a appropriate warning. Some people may find the images disturbing or distressing.
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