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yea i wasnt sure how to quote different people at once sorry. you should really see if you can get a job as a moderator on here.
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You did okay job on the post right before mine. You got two quotes in there. Just remember to hit the multi-quote button on every post you wanna quote.
theres a multi quote button? i hit quote then copied that text then quoted the second guy and just posted the copied text onto that reply as well
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yea good drifting with you guys too aceredmond hopefully ill see you around more often and hopefully ill see team "Nemesis" and "MLD" in the Kush Drift Cup?

as long as i have time i would definitely want to participate. im always looking to hone my driving skills. ill look at the OP to see the details.
for sure for sure find me online THEOGTOMKAT and ill give you a shot. how long have you been drifting on gt5?

ill add you. ASAP!
i can be very active on the forums to or website if you have one. cuz i work behind a computer for the governement of my country and have lots of free time :sly:

Gt5 drifting since release date :) at my freinds house.
but i just recently bought a ps3 console for myself 3 weeks ago.
Drifting with 900 degree wheels for since release date of logitech force pro. and switched to g25 the moment they released it. i always drifted on my pc since there were no console games worth while for drifting in my opninion other then gt5 ofcourse.

total length of drifting career 10 years dont know when my anniversery is thoug :P

srry for the typo`s!!!!
i think you will be amazed im just the guy your lookin for.
oooh and im kush smart ;)
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Well you are from the netherlands so I would assume your kush genius:tup:
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Thanks guys for stopping by lastnight for the mini comp hope to see you ever Tuesday night!
Thanks guys for stopping by lastnight for the mini comp hope to see you ever Tuesday night!

yea that was pretty fun but i hate that last turn now grrrrr haha but yea ill be joining whenever i can its seems like there will be good competition between drivers, also if i have a comp room up your more then welcome to join and judge if you feel like it.

credguy im loving london right meow that place is pretty rad i must say and much thanks to 86d helping me find the spot and checking it out.
Double Post.

If double posting is supposedly spam, and clogs up the threads, then I find it ironic that every time somebody makes a double post somebody feels the need to clutter the forum up with a post pointing out the fact that somebody double posted. Its totally contradicting if you ask me.

EDIT: I didn't mean to call you out, spank, i meant that more as a generalization towards everyone on the forum.
nice drifting with you the other day my steez wuz on Zero i and i hit tanman -_- but we shall drift again! see ya soon!


The OG TomKat
na im in the process of getting the team colors together im jut having a little trouble with my other account and finding someone to duplicate me some colors

Im always happy to help OG just send me a F/R and we'll sort somthing out regarding dupe :)