Lap Times: Deep Forest Raceway.

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So.....i have some laps round this awesome track....
Starting with Ducati 999R (well...i'm italian :rolleyes: :lol: )....

Ducati 999R : 1.25.702
GSXR 1000 : 1.27.129
Aprilia RSV1000 R Factory : 1.25.747
R1 But i didn't had photo :grumpy: 1:25 and something
Ninja 10R : 1.25.040
CBR Fireblade 954 : 1.26.301

After i decide to race again with 600 Sport bikes.....and i made lap times moer fast...incredible .....bikes with 30/40 HP less...ok there are also 30/40 kilograms less but......astonishing
This are lap times for

CBR 600 (Record) :1.24.000
GSXR : 1.24.880
R6 : 1.25.766
Ninja 6R : 1.24.475

and final photo is total time table resume for Deep Forest

all bikes mounts racing exhaust
post modified, see on top

pic with total time table for Deep forest


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this is my time:


Ooohh my gggoood (do yuo remeber final fight after you destroy the car in bonus stage? :D )

you beat my time more than 1 second....well, i will improove my record absolutely....stay tuned
ehehehe i remember 👍 :sly:

fratè ma noi 2 siamo italiani ihihihi :D (translate: brother, we are italian boys!)

Già, che cazz stiamo a parlà in inglish allò? (you are right, damn why are we writing in english?)
:D are too fast.....i will kick my asssss to beat your lap times.....but the challenge as begun.......let's rock....and crack the engines
:cool: :mad: :D
How are you guys classifying a clean lap? Are you allowing 1 tire to leave the track but not both? Any replay verification here? Just curious is all :) I love to see some healthy comp.

Hey, ive noticed there's no thread to deep forest raceway lap times so i thought id make one. Now im not sure wether my time is good bad or whatever. It was my first lap so i thought id get things rolling from here.

time: 1'21.519
bike: 7 honda

So go ahead and post your best times.
hehe, I thought I had posted that time here before.

I'll have to check out that replay tomorrow, Sideways. No concrete on turn 4?!!! :eek: :boggled: I must see this.
please excuse the "rossi" leathers...

yeah, no concrete on t4, cuz it was part of the championship im taking part in at motogp boards. that was one of the stipulations. i think you could get about 2-3 tenths cutting the concrete, though.
well, its a weekly series so as long as youve a qualifing time in you can do as many or as few races as youd like to do 👍 there are no points to worry about either since its not a championship 👍

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