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Discussion in 'TT Lap Times' started by tuff240, Apr 7, 2006.

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    im not a big fan of road bikes, specially the litre bikes. if i go for a road bike its either the Moriwaki CBR600RR or the Suzuki GSX-R750. the probably ive with the litre bikes is that that bog down so badly under 60-80mph that it becomes frustraiting. i know you can wheelie trick to help things moving again, but, its more like they spayed the big bikes because they dont think we could handle them.

    sometimes spinning the tyre a little can help, but, if you dont do it right the engine bogs down again from PD holding our hands some more.

    and yes, i use pro mode :p
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    I just fired up this game. Imma hit the time attack hard this weekend.
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    I have been playing TT for over 2 years. Thanks to the advice in this tread,i just posted my best lap time. With the failure on I posted a lap time of 7;18 on YZ 1000. Between TT and GT4,,I have done over 600 laps on Nurgburgring. Take the jumps slow,,better up than down.