Latest Batch of DiRT Rally 2.0 DLC Brings Back Two Modern Icons

Discussion in 'DiRT Series' started by GTPNewsWire, May 7, 2019.

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    So is this much an improvement on the first Dirt Rally game? May dive in as just half recovered from Achilles tendon rupture operation. I think my left foot is ready.

    Always grudged their DLC model at launch but maybe could get it a bit cheaper now I'm thinking.
  3. fernandito


    With a controller is just about the best more or less realistic rally game that is currently out there. With a wheel is just about the opposite
  4. fifomaniak


    So you're saying that it's arcade with a wheel?
  5. Slapped

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    I wouldn't say that, it's just that the FFB is completely broken. I re-downloaded it today and gave it another try and while SAT works, sort of, there's not really any road feel - and I've really messed around with the FFB settings, and quite frankly I had to do that just to get SAT working to an acceptable level

    Just about every other rally title offers a better feel with a wheel. If you're a wheel user then I'd recommend passing on DR2 for the moment, or if you don't already have DR1 then get that instead.
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    These comments on Dirt 2.0's FFB are a bit overboard if you ask me.

    These are my opinions of someone who has both Sims (Dirt 1&2) and uses a wheel.

    Does the FFB need more work? Yes.

    Is the FFB better on Dirt 1 opposed to Dirt 2.0? In some ways yes, and in some ways no. There are a few threads here on GTP that can help get the most out of your wheel settings.

    Should you stay away from the game because of it? No way. Get the wheel set up properly and I'm sure like me, you're gonna have a blast with it as it's so much fun. Especially, since they said they'd provide updates for the FFB.

    What does upset me about the game is, that I bought the Standard Version of the game at full price with it coming out to $65 with tax.. Now that I need to get the Season Pass they want $25 for it. I just have a hard time justifying paying close to $90 for a game. I was hoping I could have gotten it at a discount last week but the game and every DLC was on sale but the Season Pass.

    If I knew the Season Pass was part of the Deluxe Version I would have gone down that route but they were'nt that clear on that at the time :banghead:.
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    Ouch! hope your ankles better mate, I grabbed this last weekend for £17 on ebay, first impressions are very good the controls are tight and satisfying much better than dirt 4, it has a really good sense of speed too which makes for much wincing as you push it... Dive in!

    Anyone bought the dlc stages? I was wondering are they just a single stage or multiple parts set in each location?
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  8. bogani


    I really have no idea what is being said here. I guess he doesn't like the FFB.
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  9. flatdarkmars


    They are the same as they were in DR1, and the same as the existing locations in DR2:
    Two long stages.
    Reverse versions of those two long stages.
    Four short stages (each consisting of 1/2 of one of the long stages).
    Reverse versions of those four short stages.
    That's 12 stages in total, all based off of those two primary long stages. And of course the long stages are themselves usually about half of a real-world rally stage, so if you like to think of it that way, it's one full WRC-length stage per location. Although to be fair, driving in the reverse direction is really like driving a completely different stage.
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  11. Corsa

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    Thanks for the update.
    I bought at release FFB was so bad I refunded.
    Now I keep checking back for updates will pick it up after it's been worked and on sale.
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  12. The Cake

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    For all that are struggeling with wheel. Set steering saturation to 33-37 and soft lock off. After i did this it became alot more fun. My subjective meaning.
  13. edenist


    Ahh good 'ol codemasters up to their usual tricks..... leaving out content from previous games then charging extra for you to have it back again. They never quite release the complete package.
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    I have driven most console based driving software in the past 30years, Assetto Corsa, SLRE and Dirt Rally would be my faves, then PC2 and GTSport. DR2 is my favourite now by far, after I reduced the Sat and other sliders the feel came to life, was heavy and dull like WRC7 before backing everything off. My settings are light but detailed and can be found in the Settings post. The weird part is I have a better sense of grip and weight at 0. It's not perfect, yet and it's being worked on, but better for me than any other console based Sim. The way the cars behave is more realistic for me than any other.

    Don't get it though as the boards are full of too many fast guys already. Glad I got the Deluxe with the Monte and Sweden additions now.
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    Is there a time frame for Season Two of the DLC?
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    Sounds like as long as youre prepared to tweak the wheel settings it's worth getting then. (Hardly the first time that's happened in a game) Knowing that they're committed to updating FFB is another thing.

    Cheers for heads up about making sure to get the Delux version. I'll see if I can find any good deals when I get paid! :)
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  17. Gregfranklin


    i hate that you are right, I did literally the same recently. Still no road feel. Such a bummer.
  18. Sander 001

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    Yeah I was thinking about getting this game but the DLC program is turn off.
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    Don't understand comments like this. I mean this subject has been beaten to death here since release. A lot of work has gone into re modelling the stages and locations, the DLC is dirt cheap and the cars that have been added have all been excellent. The lack of liveries on the Focus being the first mildly underwhelming part of this whole package. Everything that has been offered as DLC, they didn't have to do or offer. And with a 50 strong car list and some excellent stages with a full blown rallycross mode it would hardly have been incomplete.
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    My only issue with the DLC is by the time the new locations are released I’m tired of the original 6.

    Whenever I draw that long stage in New Zealand I sigh.
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  21. Rodger Davies

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    Interestingly, as more are added, the fact there are only six locations in a season means some are left out of the rotation. I haven't seen Australia in my last two seasons and I'm looking forward to it being in my new one (well, 66% chance) despite not being a fan of the stage with the long tarmac section originally.

    Now I've been moving house recently and not able to play much, which helps, but I can see the older ones freshening up as new ones are added and I don't play them as often. I felt that way with Greece in DR1, got bored of it early on but by the time the game was finished it was arguably back to being my favourite.
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