Latvia Rallycross Gets the Spotlight in Latest DiRT Rally 2.0 Video

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I have planned my dirt 2 time already, i am saving for a g29 and while i save i will wait for the season pass content to all be released so i have a full game to play :) then by time i get a g29 it will also be time for Grid AutoSport and i go back to gaming the way i use to, nothing but codemasters, klytonn (wrc) and sligthly mad studios games only. Just imagine if slightly mad studios and codemasters and kyltonn games teamed up to make project cars 3, it would be a monster of a sim racing game with all tiers included with each studio making handling for their expertise.
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HugoStiglitz_420 and GTP_HugoStiglitz
I knew a girl from Latvia and she was an absolute smokeshow. I hope the crowd models will reflect the above average attractiveness of eastern European women. Very important :lol: