Lay-Z-Boy Racing - Accepting New Drivers for New Season starting May 13th, 2024

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I will be hosting a lobby tonight, around typical race time (2045 Central) Hoping to get as many of you on, so that if we need to do any PP adjustments we can try to get these mostly done before race day next Monday. That way if you do happen to have a PP adjustment done, you have the whole week to tune & test. Hope to see a bunch of racers!

If you haven't already and are interested. reply here - or send message to scuudz & Delta795 on PSN.
I will need some "failure" HP instead of success ballast. I feel like I should be well into the 1.39's and the best I have so far is low 1.40's.
I will need some "failure" HP instead of success ballast. I feel like I should be well into the 1.39's and the best I have so far is low 1.40's.
You're not far off. There are some 1:38's out there & a few 1:42's too, but a LOT of low 1:40 High 1:39's
If you are interested in joining, please reply here - or send PSN message to Delta795

Ver Red Bull GIF by Oracle Red Bull Racing

Formula GT by Lay-Z-Boy will begin August 2nd.

This series will be as faithful to the Formula series as practically possible.

Before the season starts, all drivers will need to submit a STOCK fastest lap around Red Bull Ring. Fastest lap replays will need to be saved and posted for Delta795 and TheKnaveofSpades to view. The faster half of the field will be randomly paired up with the slower half of the field.

Details for FL submission - TOD: Morning, Weather S01, equal conditions mode ON. Stock tires. Submission deadline is 8pm CDT Sunday, July 30th.

Drivers will be paired into teams of two (maximum of 7 teams) and will fight against each other for 8 races across August and September. Teams may have up to 3 members: 2 Drivers and a backup driver (if you can find one). Full tuning IS ALLOWED but all tunes must be shared with teammates. Teams must share a custom livery.

10 minute qualifying sessions will be held before each race

Races will be around 35 minutes with a mandatory tire change, strategies are set by the team.

Eligible Cars:
SF23 Super Formula / Toyota ‘23
SF23 Super Formula / Honda ‘23

Weather: Decided by track
Start Type: Grid Start w/ False Start Check
Boost: None
Slipstream: Real
Damage: Light
Tire Wear: Will Vary by track
Fuel: Off
Grip Reduction Off Track: Real
Nitro: TBD

Shortcut Penalty: Weak
Wall Collision: Off
Car Collision: Off
Pit Lane Cutting: On
Ghosting: Off
Flag Rules: On

Tracks (order will change)
Dragon Trail - Seaside
Trial Mountain
Red Bull Ring
Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise
Mount Panorama
Grand Valley - Highway 1
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We are still recruiting!

Upcoming Series
  • GTE-AM Series Monday Nights - FULL
  • Super Formula Series Wednesday Nights- Still have spots available
A lot of this group has been racing together for 10+ years, We have a full range of racers in our group (beginner to super quick)
If your tired of getting punted in SPORT Mode or regular lobbies & looking for a group that races CLEAN, has fun, actively talks &
helps each other out - Reply here or send PSN message to scuudz or Delta795

All race details & about about us are here & also on our Discord channel

Mics not required- but are encouraged
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Wednesday Night Super Formula racers & Teams
Driver PSN#Team NameRBR Lap Time
TokyoDave15Team TDI1:11.151
ZoYaNo44Team TDIN/A
T Burton7131:14.489
Sicardius25Team AFOOFA1:13.170
nevstargaming23Team AFOOFAN/A
Monday Night Race - Driver Details

Lay-Z-Boy GTE - AM SeriesWeek #2
TrackBlue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield A
Qualifying time2045 Central
Qualifying duraction10 minutesUpcoming Races Date
Tpre of StartGrid w/ false start checkDragons Tail Seaside7/31
TODSunsetBlue Moon Bat Infield A8/7
TIRERS onlyCircuit de Spa Full course8/14
Fuel / Tire wear3x/ 4xSardegna Layout A8/21
Refueling6L/SCircuit de Sainte- Croix B8/28
WeatherS15Trial Mountain Reverse9/11
Road Atlanta9/18
Notes: NoneMonza Full Course9/25

DriverCarMax PPSuccess Ballast HP Bump
Socalj4Corvette C8 Stingray ‘20706NO
TomthetechPorsche 911 GT3 (997) ’09721NO
Sweaty PalmsHonda NSX ’17716NO
DigitalrelayFerrari 458 Italia ’09706NO
Delta795Audi R8 4.2 '07707NO
TurboTimmyMcLaren 650s Coupe ’14725NO
TBurtonAudi R8 4.2 '07707NO
Piler Dodge Viper GTS ’13708NO
AgentorungeMcLaren 650s Coupe ’14711NO
ZoyanoHonda NSX ’17725NOWk2 + 15hp
ScuudzPorsche 911 GT3 (997) ’09721NO
MasterBlasterDodge Viper GTS ’13725NOWk2 + 15hp
FastOneCorvette C8 Stingray ‘20706NO
Hobo_EroticFerrari 458 Italia ’09711NO
InktomeiFord GT ’17711NO
IvarFord GT ’17716NO
Reserve DriversCarMax PPSuccess Ballast HP Bump
AedenLamborghini Aventador LP700-4’11711NO
SoonerManLamborghini Aventador LP700-4’11711NO
NitroLamborghini Aventador LP700-4’11711NO
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We are ready for our NEXt Monday & Wednesday Series -
TL/DR Long time league of CLEAN racers looking to have & enjoy some track time together. We have racers off all skill levels from C-A
that join us. Our series run on Monday & Wednesday nights, with qualifying starting at 8:35 Central time.

This seasons Monday series will be a bit diifferent! Two 15 minute sprints at the same course each week. Gr4 then Gr3 cars
with race number 2 being reverse grid based off race #1. These will be BOP'd w/ full tuning
NO tire / fuel wear.
Oct7 LZB Monday.png

Wednesday Series will be a SPEC race each week. Each week will be a different road car - This series is more of our traditional
30-35 minute races, w/ fuel & tire wear. These will also be BOP'd however this series will have limited tuning -

Oct 7LZB Wed.png

If your tired of SUPER rigid race rules, getting rammed off at the next corner, divebombing & want to run in a well organized
but LAID back league that emphasizes clean over speed. Reply here or send PSN message to scuudz or Delta795
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