Limits in GT6? [POLL]

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Do "limits" need to be re-evaluated for GT6?

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  1. Yes, I have experienced these limits and they hindered my gameplay.

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  2. Yes, I never experienced a problem but I wouldn't want to in the future.

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  3. No, the limits are fine the way they are.

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  4. No, but they should at least publish them so players know what to expect.

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  5. I've never run into any of these limits, what are you talking about?

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  6. I can't answer your poll, I have a different answer I will post in the thread.

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    HOODFIELD Premium

    I'm sure everyone has their own priorities when it comes to what they want to see in GT6. For me personally the numerous limits in this game have prevented me from playing the game the way I would like too. I especially did not appreciate the hidden limits that were never published anywhere but were discovered by the communitity along the way. If I had know about the 7000 item limit, or the 2000 car limit I could have planned accordingly. Now I understand that limits are probably necessary for the game to function properly but IMO PD really mucked them up in GT5. If they have to set a limit on something, they should make it unobtainable or at least put better thought into what to set it as.

    40 Levels. The end of career progression at Level 40 was too short IMO. Leveling into the 30's could be acheived in one day. Getting to 40 was somewhat of a grind but I didn't like how it was so unbalanced. I started playing on a second account just to level up again, which is a hassle because I have to share cars back and forth, and honestly I would rather just stick to one account. I hope for GT6 there is no limit. I see people have suggested more than 40 levels, but how about unlimited levels? Besides having a limit makes people rush to get there. (rubber-banding)

    7000 item limit. This was not well thought out at all. They keep spamming your items with daily log-in bonus, the items don't stack correctly so you end up with scattered doubles. On top of that they decided to add thousands of brand new items (gear) after the fact they set the 7000 limit when the game was released. I have spent hours deleting items to make room for new, just to keep getting spammed with more paintchips. :grumpy: For GT6 I hope they will at least make enough room for you to hold at least one of everything.

    2000 car limit is basically the same deal. 5800 cars counting color variations exist. Yet I can only hold 2000? :confused:

    Credit limit. Is being discussed here:

    What does everyone else think of these limits? Do you share a similiar grief as me? If so what solution would you suggest to PD for GT6?
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  2. MSTER232


    United Kingdom
    I voted for the sixth option on your poll. I think the limits will be kept in place because if you was to own too much of one thing then the game would probably crash or take a long time to load up because every time you boot up a game, and you have save data, the game has to load the save data and depending on the file size, it may take a while.

    I think that the car limit is fine, you only need one of each car. And if you feel that you need it in another colour, why not go to GT Auto and paint it instead of buying another one :confused: ?

    For the credit limit, I think that it should be made at least 5,000,000 Cr. bigger than the most expensive car in the game.

    For the item limit, I totally agree with you despite the fact that I haven't run into 7000 items yet. This is the only limit that I feel should be removed or at least greatly increased.
  3. ZZ-II


    I hate that credit limit
  4. Tyger


    United Kingdom
    Another limit which bugs the hell out of me, which I also mentioned in the other thread, is the fastest lap leaderboards for running hot laps are restricted to 10 entries, and you can't even delete any of them if you mess a session up, or run more than one session in the same car. Why have a limit when you don't need to? It just logs text and numbers and you could easily scroll down the list. And why not let you delete individual entries as we could in earlier GT games? Totally inexplicable. :dunce:
  5. Samus


    United Kingdom
    Nobody needs every car in every colour. Nobody.

    As for items, well most of them are silly in the first place. Paint chips don't need to be collectibles so they can go, as can the pointless horn collection. Then you're just left with suits and helmets which again, there are far too many of.

    HOODFIELD Premium

    Yes I see the dilemma in regards to the game crashing. Let's hope PD can re-vamp the in-game items system to not bring this on. I see this as totally avoidable with some proper planning which GT5 lacked IMO.

    I'm going to address this below.

    This is the main one, and it's inevitable that EVERYONE will hit one day if you keep playing this game. WTH PD?

    Would you like me to add this to the OP? Wishful thinking but maybe someone at PD will read this board. :D

    As far as why someone needs every car in every color, the answer is it's part of the game. Now not everyone may see it that way but some people do and thats just what it is.

    For me personally I started off wanting one of every car, just like I did in previous GT games. Collecting has always existed to some degree in the GT series. Now this is the first GT game in the age where almost everyone is plugged into the net. Video gaming has evolved so much over the past 10 years. So much more is possible. Just read some PS3 trophy hunter forums to get the gist of what I mean.

    Anyways after I had acquired most of the cars by myself, I came here, started trading for the final handful. Again I'll reiterate I've been trying to collect every car in every GT game. Anyway, I got there with the help of the community, with other like minded individuals as myself. It was such a positive experience I saw no reason to stop. I always loved this aspect of the GT series and now GT5 had revolutionized it forever now. It's a whole other game within a game that has taken a life of it's own made possible by the internet. Marketplace has become a large part of GT Planet there is no denying that, just compare the traffic to some of the other sub-forums.

    Now PD has already put all the tools in place for this to happen. They make all the cars difficult to obtain on demand. They put Easter-egg cars into the game, cars that can only be obtained by tickets, cars that are un-paintable, cars with exotic paint chips. They allow you to send items back and forth, not just cars but everything else. You may just see this as a racing game, you might see this as more, it's all subjective.

    In this day and age with the internet, obtaining every single car in GT is possible. People have already done this. Personally I stopped because I became tired of juggling limits and juggling different accounts. I do see collecting as another aspect of the game and it adds tons of value to me. If GT6 addressed these limit issues I'm sure many people would be grateful. I can understand if I cant have every single car due to the game crashing, but my point is none of the limits were well thought out at all.
  7. Phoenix

    Phoenix Premium

    They should increase the level limit (or just remove it), and also remove the credits limit.

    As for the item limit and car limit, i've never reached them (never tried either), so those I don't care to much about.


    In general, the main reason for all those problems is that many things were added, or even changed, after the game was released - Stuff like Seasonal events, login bonus, changing rewarded credits (offline, why?) etc. I hope that next time, once the game is finished, they leave everything like it is (besides keeping it supported of course).

    40 Levels doesn't bother me that much. I don't think the whole level system really added that much to the game. It's just a different way of unlocking stuff. I personally like reaching a limit, it gives something to work towards. No level limit could prevent "boosting", although there will always be individuals that still rubber-band simply to have a higher level than others.
    At the time of release there were only offline events making the first levels take a little longer also, while the end levels were indeed a grind.

    7000 item limit. If they didn't give the login bonus this wouldn't have been such a problem. It takes a while to get there but once you're there you have a problem for the rest of the time you play GT5.
    The limit is annoying, on the other hand having over 5000 paints is way, way too much. If I want to paint a car it takes several seconds to load all the paints, that's just extremely frustrating. It could be interesting to manually choose a cap for stuff like paints (a bit like dividing a hard drive into different partitions maybe). Of course having an option to not receive the daily login paints would be the solution for GT5.
    Although this doesn't really have to do with a limit. It could be interesting that once you obtain a paint, you keep it and there's no amount so you can always use it, and as many as you want. Knowing that the issue with multiple stacks of paints is fixed.

    2000 cars is quite a lot, unless you start collecting. I can see this was done to prevent getting huge save data files and long loading times.

    Credit limit, probably the worst decision. If there should be a limit it's way too low now, especially since the most expensive cars are as expensive as the limit. I say, a higher limit, and don't give people 1.000.000 credits for completing an easy event either. I think it might've been done in case there's some kind of exploit which earns you a lot of credits, it's certainly not for loading times or file size.

    Agreed with Tyger, also agreed with SimonK about there being far too many paints, suits, etc. I've honestly never installed a horn either even though I own them all now.

    HOODFIELD Premium

    I agree, and what's crazy is in the very beginning I remember the first couple months of seasonal's were right on par rewards wise with the game. Also, I remember them being more challenging. Why did they ever change what they were doing in the beginning? :confused:

    I will agree that when they released the game 40 Levels was sufficient. I would prefer the license's to unlock races rather than leveling. But I have to admit I have definitely grown to like the rpg style leveling system. :D
    40 Levels is not sufficient after they add login bonus and ridiculous seasonal payouts. They have made 40 levels a joke now. It's like they cater the game perfectly to the person who buys a copy today. But for the dedicated players who still play since release, we are an afterthought. It couldn't have been that hard to patch in more levels along with their inflated bonus? :idea:

    I'd have to say I would still like to see some ridiculous unobtainable number. :D That way if they change the game in anyway your covered, one less thing to worry about. Sure people will boost but people will boost know matter what. At least if there was no real limit you could quickly identify who's boosting. For all I know everyone is level 40? :crazy:

    Your so right, and it's just such a huge oversight I'm very disappointed with the login bonus as well. It truly is the real problem not so much the actual item limit.

    I really like the partitioning idea. :tup: That is really the perfect solution that would really appease anybody. Like if you didn't care for horns or gear you could just not allocate room for them and use that space for cars or paint. Better yet if you didn't care for any extra items at all your a pure racer, you could allocate the space to make your game load quicker. Wishful thinking. :D
    To keep it simple I agree with keeping the chip, or just getting rid of the paint chip system all together. I would be fine with a simple system like a paint shop. Maybe have the colors stored on like a rotating online server. (like OCD) That way you save space, and there can still be collectable or rare colors. Could do without the horns, or at least make cool sounding horns.

    For the car limit I would like to see it optimized for load times as well. Thing is how do we really know that the cars primarily slow the load times? That museum is suspect if you ask me and the suits/helmets are out of control as well. Now If own the exact same car but in different colors why do they have to code it as separate cars? Now if I mess with settings I would understand that they would be separate cars, but can they find a way to better optimize the way cars are stored in your garage? And not just for the sake of collectors, but to improve everybody's load times. I just have a really hard time believing that they gave issues like this any thought at all based on the condition of GT5. :indiff: I don't need to hold 5000 cars, I'm even fine with 2000. Thing is will PD please publish these hidden limits in the instruction manual. The surprise factor just isn't fair, for the items as well. :grumpy:

    Yes, fail since release on this one. Teaches kids bad spending habits, you should always save more than you spend. :D

    I enjoyed collecting the items as it was something fresh to do, but I agree that if it hurts the load times or prevents me from holding more cars they need to go. I would gladly take the trade-off. :D I don't use the horns either and I've only seen very few who did. I'm sure nobody would miss them. :tup: Suits and helmets I'd be fine with picking the ones I wanted out from like a virtual store. I definitely hate winning random ones. But I can't deny that it wasn't fun working together with other people to collect them all. :D
  10. GranTurismo916


    United States
    40 Level Limit:

    I think this makes at least a little bit of sense, because it's hard enough to get to Level 40 anyway.

    7,000 Item Limit: I ABSOLUTELY hate this one, what is the point of it if you are a collector (PD, you know there are those people out there) and you want all of the item, maybe even duplicates. It's just a completely, utterly stupid rule.

    2000 Car Limit:
    Look up there ^^^^

    20M Credit Limit:
    This doesn't make any sense either, why is the limit 20Million? :/