List of cars that work with Speed glitch

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    Just decided to make this the all-encompassing thread for all things related to making this glitch work on your cars. That other thread has been dead for a while AFAIK

    Preferrably from a standstill, but all cars as long as the glitch works. If there is another thread let me know.

    Speed Glitch from this video(includes Tutorial):

    --Cars that work--​
    Cars confirmed working from a standstill:

    Some FWD cars, and most AWD cars?

    Most AWD skylines do work.

    Full credit goes to J24681357 for compiling this list on his video:
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ('09 or '13)
    Citreon C4 WRC '08
    Gran Turismo Red Bull (Any)
    Honda Civic TYPE R (EK) Touring Car '97 (Stock Transmission)
    Lexus IS F '07 (Reverse)
    SRT Tomahawk X
    Subaru VIZIV GT VGT
    Mazda Demio '10 (Stock Transmission)
    Mitsubishi COLT
    Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION VGT
    Toyota Vitz F '12 (Stock Transmission)
    Nissan 2020 VGT
    Nissan GT-R '07 (Stock Transmission)
    Nissan GT-R Vspec '09 (Stock Transmission)
    Nissan GT-R Black Edition '12 (Stock Transmission)
    Nissan GT-R LM NISMO '15
    Nissan GT-R NISMO '14 (Stock Transmission)
    Nissan GT-R Touring Car (Stock Transmission)

    Cars requiring push to 5/10mph:

    Most RWD cars, apparently?

    Citroen 2CV
    Honda INSIGHT

    Push strategies and tips:
    If your car is slowing down(gas does nothing), plan to get to an incline and stand on your brakes till you're at 1mph(at the top of the incline) then help the car down the incline till you get to 5-10mph and you should take off again with the accelerator.
    • Some notes:
      • With some cars and the right section of track you can do a U-turn from 1mph and you'll go back to 5mph simply through the act of turning the wheel if you are precise and then just apply gas more to get the car rolling again. It's pretty neat.

    Cars that DO NOT work:
    There has been talk of electric and hybrids not working with the glitch but it's still a grey area.
    The honda insight can be classified as and electric/hybrid and works to 280mph, it just needs a push.

    Tutorial Tips:
    Single Race works much better than Time Trial or Free Run to test the top speed of your car
    My honda insight got 120mph on Route X Free Run but 286mph on Single Race.

    Things noted about the glitch:
    • Oil light comes on
    • Car drive wheels spin erratically but in sync
      • Gears seem to do nothing once you are going fast
      • Lots of smoke ensues
      • Weird RPM noises (RIP headphone user)
    • Some cars drive faster in reverse
    • Car is difficult to handle but tuning can help as much as adding downforce.

    Possible causes:

    Things to do to get a higher chance of making the car glitch:
    • Unconfirmed:
      • Shift into a different gear before entering pits & restarting (many variations possible)
      • Do before the glitch:
        • Tweak gears
        • Tyre type to lowest
        • Traction Control off
        • Oil change
    • Somewhat Working:
      • Do before the glitch:
        • Adding/removing hp via power parts affects glitch results
      • Some Player inputs may affect glitch results, it's a big grey area.

    How to remove the glitch:
    • Engine Overhaul in GT Auto Menu.
    • Avoid game saving the glitched car when still on '60 m HomeStraight' for first time;
      • Simply pause race, press PS button>Quit game.

    Older thread:

    Video showcases:

    Game version required: 1.22 (current)
    **WIP thread**
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