Logitech Driving Force GT Off-Center problems

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by otapnam, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. otapnam


    Hey guys, I bought a refurb (yeah i know) DFGT earlier this year and am enjoying it.

    HOWEVER. After playing awhile or crashing hard, the wheel becomes increasingly off-center towards the right, and always the right. I just unplug and plug it back for re-calibration but its getting annoying.

    I am wondering if anyone of you have experience with this or might know of a way to fix this as I'm not looking to replace the wheel anytime soon.

    THANKS for reading!
  2. Harbinja


    I have the very same problem!
  3. Beliall

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    do you mean the wheels position is off center, or it makes you veer yo the right while playing?

    mine goes positionaly off but it never alters gameplay
  4. otapnam


    The wheel's straight or neutral zone is no longer dead center its turned to the right. You can still drive straight, but when the wheel is 45 degrees over it gets awkward - so i pause, unplug, and replug for the auto-calibration

    I'm guessing the belt is losing grip at some point and causes the wheel to get misaligned, im hoping someone here with some experience can helpout
  5. spyrrari

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    The DFGT doesn´t have a belt ,so thats not the problem...

    I have the same thing but it never bothered me while in play,yes the wheel is not 100% centerted,but it doesn´t affect the cornering feel for me at all...

    I have searched the web for a solution,but never was able to find one...

    I know Logitech have some software updates on their site,but i don´t know if this only works on PC´s or also on ps3....

  6. ferrarijared19


    Im having a problem with my DFGT , ive only played it with Ferrari Challenge on the ps3 so far and at the start of every race it steers sharply to the left a whole revolution. Is there any type of settings? I got wheel sensitivity low and force feed back low to help
  7. otapnam


    So the wheel calibrates when u turn the ps3 on but once u get into the race its off ?
  8. Unckeck center spring and put 50% in strengh. reboot
  9. otapnam


    for gran turismo prologue? i dont remember a center spring option but ill check when i get home
  10. gt5pr0


    A bit late but has it solved your problem ?

    I'm experiencing the same with my DFGT wheel atm.
  11. dautolover


    bump... no solution to this problem? my wheel "calibrates" when i plug it into the ps3 but then it gets stuck all the way to the left (where the wheel locks). i have the impression that the wheel thinks that the center is beyond the lock, because when i test it out on the game, the car is still turning right even when the wheel is all the way to the left...
  12. dautolover


  13. Jump_Ace

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    My wheel does the same thing, it's a Sony problem, but it doesn't affect gameplay. Whenever I plug it into my PC using the wheel calibrates perfectly centered every time.

  14. dautolover


    interesting... i didn't want to shout "sony killed my wheel with its firmware update" but i did notice that it happened after doing the recent firmware update. will check how it deals with the PC when i get home...
  15. Conza

    Australia Melbourne

    Its funny, I've recently connected mine to my PC, and it sits perfectly straight, but by default on the PS3, it sits slightly to the left (though I haven't reconnected it to the PS3, since connecting to the PC recently).

    This doesn't appear to affect my gameplay either, but it is only something like 5 degrees left, so maybe the PC has resolved the problem.
  16. dautolover


    ... guess I didn't actually update this thread. It wasn't the ps3, it was the actual wheel. Something must have happened to it. Bought another wheel, which works great!

    Don't know why the ps3 would do something like that. Maybe you get better results because of the calibration software?
  17. I expirenced the same problem with my dfp in the past. I thought it was broken so I bought dfgt. After a while I disassembled the old wheel and noticed that the optical sensor which measures the wheel lock is very dirty (covered with dust). I've cleaned it with alcohol (100%). After that the wheel worked perfectly ok. I sold it a year ago and new user still uses it without any issues. Hence dfp and dfgt are almost the same it should work also in in youre case. Hope it helps.