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    I recently had a discussion about the Pots in the Logitech G series pedals
    All the Pots are the Same
    So you can Swap the Clutch Pot for the Brake or Throttle

    I have not located a source for Identical replacement.
    All the replacement Pots I've tested are Linear 10K pots, and they do not provide the same resolution or Steps
    as the OEM Logarithmic 10K Pots do.

    here are pictures from my research on the pots, my Notes below, also in a text file in the folder


    G25, G27, G29
    Pedal Pots
    They are a special type of 10K ohm Pot.
    these have 6 fingers, and use a Logarithmic scale
    instead of the Standard Linear Scale.
    The centre Carbon ring gives the Pot a Minimum Resistance, it never drops all the way to Zero.
    35 ohms is what I measured
    They also are only 180 degree pots
    When the Resistance values are measured, it really is only a 100 degree range.

    I bought what many web sites and blogs, claimed to be the replacements.
    Yes they are 10K pots, but that is the only thing the replacements have in common.
    I compared the replacements Side by Side to the OEM pots.
    The replacement Pots are Linear, and have almost a full 300 degree range.
    While they will give some pedal values, you won't have the full 256 steps of the Standard Logitech Pedals.
    So they probably will work, but with Limited control steps.

    The OEM pots
    These can be custom ordered, but the minimum order quantity I could find was 10,000 pcs
    If I could track the MFG that supplies Logitech, Maybe they would sell a smaller Quantity.
    So far, I have not had any luck with that.
    Cleaning the POTS will only work a few times.
    What happens is the 6 fingers wear out the carbon deposits and just can read any more
    You Might be able to Double the Life, by Slightly bending each finger so it's in the Middle of where it used to be.
    So it's got Fresh, Not Worn carbon under them.

    Images with full sweep of 360 degree lines ( 1 every 10 degree )
    the Inner set of Numbers are the Measured Values from the replacement Pots.
    the Outer set of Numbers are the Values of the OEM Pots.
    After the 100 degree range, the Measurement for the rest of the rotation remained constant.

    please share if you have any information on where to find the OEM style POTs
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