Lotus EXIGE Cup 2011

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    Welcome Lotus EXIGE owners, to the Lotus EXIGE Cup of 2011. The Lotus EXIGE is a car manufactured by the British car maker Lotus. This, may look like a slightly modified Lotus Elise, but under the hood, its a totally new machine.


    This is the car you will be driving. Now since GT5 doesn't have the actual Lotus EXIGE, we had to make some adjustments. Here is the parts and tuning list.

    Lotus Elise 111R '04
    Aftermarket Rims Painted Black
    Aftermarket Wing Type A
    Sports Air Filter
    Low RPM Range Turbo Kit
    Six Speed Close Ratio Transmission
    Single Plate Clutch
    Height Adjustable Sports Suspenstion
    Sports Soft Tires


    Rear Downforce-15
    Power Limiter-92.3%
    Brake Balance Front-6
    Brake Balance Rear-6
    Height Front-(-5)
    Height Rear-(-5)
    Spring Rate Front-3.2
    Spring Rate Rear-4.2
    Dampers Front-1
    Dampers Rear-2

    The Specs of this car
    1.8 liter 16 valve DOHC Toyota engine that produces 190 horsepower with 152 ft.-lb. of torque. It has a Mid-Engine rear wheel drive drivetrain for better weight distribution with 3785 mm long, 1719 mm wide, and a height of 1117 mm. This beast weighs exactly 914kg.

    Real Specs

    So, enough with the car, on with the races.

    Top Gear Test Track-22 Laps
    April 17th 1:00 (GMT -6:00)

    Trial Mountain-23 Laps
    April 24th 1:00 (GMT -6:00)
    Trail by crispychicken49, on Flickr

    London-30 Laps
    April 31st 1:00 (GMT -6:00)

    Laguna Seca-20 Laps
    May 8th 1:00 (GMT -6:00)

    The rules of the races are.

    -You are not allowed to add or take away any upgrades and you must follow the tuning guide.
    -No cussing, rude joking, or being a jerk.
    -Only minor contact is allowed

    What counts as minor contact is slight nudging from behind, not ramming, and slight rubbing, not shoving.

    Each podium finisher gets their picture taken, which stays up until the next race, but your name gets added to a never ending list of "Clean" winners and "Agressive" winners.

    Point System:


    (For more heated races)
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    Good luck with this. I don't know how you are going to check suspension tuning.

    I'm not sure where you got the Top Gear Test Track (developed by Lotus), but it crosses over itself not once, but twice. There is the cross at Wilson that you have, but Chicago crosses the Follow Through.
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    I like the idea of this series. Anyone join yet? If you can get about 6-8 people it will be fun. So, send my a PSN friend invite. My PSN is jajo.
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    Exactly, it makes it more intense driving experience. As for the suspension, its more or less their to make it handle better at high speeds. You can take the first few corners of Trial Mountain at full speed regardless of the driving line.
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    You do know that the motorsport elise is in GT5?

    This was the precursor to the s1 exige.