Maggiore Spring Festival - February 2018

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  1. rallymorten


    2018 Lake Maggiore Spring Festival


    Race day: **CANCELLED**

    Thanks for the interest.

    Pre-qualifying period: TBA

    Eh, who cares anymore?
    Lobby Opening: 6:00 PM CET
    Qualifying start: 7:00 PM CET
    Qualifying end: 7:15 PM CET
    Warm-up lap: 7:20 PM CET
    Race start: 7:30 PM CET
    Race end: 9:35 PM CET
    The race will be run to the usual sporting regulations.

    There are no specific requirements for liveries, apart from the obvious no-NSFW rule.

    Please note that this event is exclusive to rear wheel drive Gr.4 cars.
    Room Mode: Practice/Endurance Race

    Race Type: Race For Real

    Track: Autodrome Lago Maggiore - East
    Conditions: 18:00 - Sunny

    Start Type: Grid
    Grid Order: Fastest First
    Boost: Off
    Slipstream Strength: Real
    Visible Damage: On
    Mechanical Damage: Heavy
    Tyre Wear: 1X
    Fuel Depletion: 1X
    Initial Fuel: Default
    Grip Reduction: Real
    Race Finish Delay: 180 Sec.

    Filter by Category: Gr.4 (please note: RWD only)
    Balance of Performance: On
    Maximum Tyre Rating: Racing Medium
    Minimum Tyre Rating: Racing Hard
    Livery Restrictions: No Limit
    Car Number Type: No Limit
    Tuning: No Limit
    Kart Usage: Off

    Ghosting During Race: None
    Shortcut Penalty: None
    Wall Collision Penalty: None
    Side Contact Penalty: Off
    Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off
    Replace Cars When they Leave the Track: Off
    Flag Rules: Off

    Allowed Driving Assists:
    Traction Control
    This will consist of a two-step verification process.

    Step 1: Signing up via the appropriate link

    Step 2: Complete a pre-qualification

    Because people are unreliable, entries won't close when the number reaches 16 people. Should the number go over 16, a pre-qualification event will be held to narrow the numbers down. The brilliant part here is that 1) we sort out the unreliable people by forcing them to actively take part in something and 2) your practice gets put to good use.

    More details to come if and when need be.
    Unfortunately, GT Sport doesn't feature voice chat on its own, and we will have to make do with the PlayStation Party system. That means only 8 people can actually join in the shenanigans.

    This will be worked out with the people who tick the respective box in the sign-up form.
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  2. damonc84


    United States
    Interested, could possibly get some of our GORO racers interested once dates are set.
  3. rallymorten


    I'm now at the point where I would consider the thread itself done.

    As people should be used to when they see my name as the OP of one of these, I'd like for anyone who's even the slightest bit interested to come with suggestions for when the race should be. Or let me put it another way:

    Unless another idea is on the table by February 1 at midday CET and another date is found no more than a week later, it's happening on February 17, sometime in the evening CET.

    So yes, for anyone bothered, that means Dream Car Championship isn't happening until - at the earliest - March.
  4. rallymorten


    So this has seen rather splendid amounts of interest thus far.

    I've decided I couldn't wait for February to confirm a date because.. well, look at the state of this thread. Not a lot was going to come in anyway, so I might as well get that out of the way.

    In other, more directly related news, I'm considering moving from the GP layout to the recently-released East layout, as that seems to work pretty well with Gr.4 cars. I'm leaving that one up for discussion for a little while.