Mega Jump Track - Wings of the Red Dragon

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I'm going to send you a invitation! (My nickname is NaViTo) Please accept it. Can't wait to try that insane jump!

And oh, got the track already, so you can take me off the list now.

Yet to try it though. Anyway thanks.
lol I flung a car so hard it was doing cartwheels and then just instantly went into the car recovery ghost..... like it was seriously headed for 6 end-over-end flips
I just downloaded that track. It is awesome. Me and my friends have so much fun while we race this track in split-screen.
I call this one "FireworX2010"

Sweet track you got here, I can't wait to test it out. I'm gonna add you today.

My PSN name is niNJasPY55.
mind accept me later? PSN is Michelin9960 ! Can't wait to jump mine GT-R V-Spec family (R32 to R35) :mad: