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    Yesterday was not only the 10th anniversary of the release of Minecraft, but it also saw the launch of a new Minecraft-based game, Minecraft Earth...

    Minecraft Earth will be an augmented reality game that will be playable on Android and iOS devices.

    Minecraft itself already has VR support, but the prospect of an AR version of the game was first demonstrated at a games expo (E3?) a few years ago now, and it looked absolutely amazing - so I have quite high hopes for this!

    There will be a closed beta for Minecraft Earth and you can sign up here: https://earth.minecraft.net/en-us/sign-up
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  2. FT-1

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    I'm personally not a Minecraft player, but assuming this allows users to place their own creations into a shared AR world, this is something that would need to be moderated pretty heavily.

    But at the same time, I miss how much happier the world was back in Summer 2016 when everyone was playing Pokemon GO, so I hope this succeeds! :lol:
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    I hope to the Heavens I don't have to deal with Creepers if I ever tried out Minecraft Earth. Otherwise, this Minecraft Earth may bring a little extra life into the crazy world of Minecraft. Maybe we can enter The Nether or even The End here.
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    I played this game on mobile with a free version from apknite, it hurt my eyes so bad. Minecraft reality world will be strange but great, lul