Minolta Toyota 88C-V Tuning Set Up

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by givmedew, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. givmedew


    Hi, My first time posting a tune on any site been playing the franchise since gt2. So anyways what I would like to find out if anyone can get a better tune for this car on Indy!
    I just broke 39 seconds with a 38.990
    OH and this is with a dual shock controller and ALL aids except abs of (abs wouldnt help anyways but no abs on a dualshock is stupid)

    These are the settings
    ALL Available MODS w/ SOFT Racing Tires


    Aerodynamic Adjustment

    Gear Ratio
    Top Speed "267"

    IT: 10
    AS: 40
    BS: 20

    Ride Height 0/0
    Spring Rate 14.8/15.8
    Extension 10/10
    Compression 8/8
    Anti-Roll 6/7

    Wheel Alignment
    Camber 3.0/1.6

    Ok Now for the most important part of the build. The WHY to many builds miss this and I have seen some ridiculous builds including one for a Lambo that just made the car horrible.

    Downforce (biggest player I think): It is just enough down force the turning in will slow the car down enough to make it through the turn. It requires perfect timing on the turn in or you are hitting the grass or the wall usually the second will accompany the first.

    Alignment: I think the most notable thing in alignment is the change to the camber angle. I immediately noticed the car was easier to get around the turn and more forgiving I think that the word forgiving is important on an oval track with a dual shock controller.

    Suspension: I think the most important change is the Anti Roll Bars the change is minute however if anything stiffening up the rear more than the front can reduce oversteer. I don't think setting the front to 7 would have a noticeable disadvantage however its not worth taking the risk.

    Now this is a work in progress to me and I would love some help. Now I have been doing the testing during an actual race since its worth 70,000cr the problem is the first and last lap do not count.

    SO PLEASE don't think for any reason that your last lap counts because it should be nearly half a second faster depending on where you lap the Vertigo Race Car.

    That said lemme know if anyone finds an improvements that would make this faster around the track on a dualshock of course. If this was a wheel I would lower the downforce a lil just enough so you have to come off the accelerator just a bit and time your turn ins perfect.
  2. jamessl33k


    i will try this later when i have some time, i won this car today and it needs so much work stock it drove terribly.
  3. How do you get to 1040hp?
  4. Great setup btw. I managed 38:571 with the setup while having only 1023hp in my minolta, no idea why. It would go faster for sure if I have 1040hp too
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  5. Gumuz


    Could this set up be used on other tracks? Or is it tuned specifically for Indy?
  6. Tharain


    have 776kw aswell, just drive the car and keep changing oil regularly ;)
  7. breezy


    I used this tune with same HP on Indy and it is flawless. Was constantly hitting under 39 secs, my best being 38.281. Never let off the gas. Passed the vertigo car on the 4th turn of the 2nd to last lap. My final race time was 3'23.401" Easiest 70k out there by far.
  8. jeremy_craig

    United States raleigh/nc/us

    How do you get 1040hp? I have all upgrades and oil change and broke the engine in but only have 900ish hp. Am I missing something here?
  9. SuperShouden


    Holy CRAP! Two setups for this car and they both suck. This one doesn't stop and is VERY loose. Other one is just too loose.
  10. damaged_case


    is this setup good for B-Spec as well?
    or just A-Spec?
  11. majortom420


    I hate this car with a passion, it's ALL throttle control.
  12. ape_ck


    +1, this car drives me crazy.
  13. I love this car and after using the set up i was able drive cleaner .

    Mind you the car still has under steer but its manageable.
  14. barefoot_trev


    engine rebuild will get you to 1040hp (but at 500k... probably worth it i guess)
  15. pratorian


    This is my first post here...long time GT player! Just used your tune and I ran a 38.864 sec lap on the LTW Superspeedway - Indy. All I can say is outstanding. Thanks.
  16. DomTec


    I'm using a very similar setup for Indy, with the exemption of the negative camber angle (I’m using more down force instead) Do you use soft tires? I assume you do and am wondering how many laps your tires do last? Downside of my setup was that I had to change tires every 25 to 27 laps, making a total of 7 pit stops for Indy 500.

    See also:

  17. I'll post my tune here, so I have a place to switch it back from after I try yours. Mine has served me quite well so far. I usually get 39 secs, but I'm a horrible driver.

    I use this set-up for all tracks, not just indy. So who knows if it is better or not.

    aero: 55/80
    trans: default
    LSD: 10/35/20
    height: -15/-15
    spring: 15.9/15.9
    ext: 7/6
    compression: 7/6
    anti-roll: 5/4
    camber: 2.0/1.5
    toe: 0.0/0.25
  18. This is what I used for GT4 (thanks Fumes!), same principles should apply.

    Down force = 63 / 88

    Ride height: X / X + 4 [X = depends on track]
    Spring rate: 14.8 / 15.8
    Decompression = 7 / 7
    Compression = 6 / 7
    Stabilizers = 4 / 4

    Camber = 2.5 / 1.0
    Toe = 0 / 0

    Brake balance = 6 / 5

    Initial torque = 10
    Acceleration = 40
    Deceleration = 9

    TCS = as low as you feel comfortable with
  19. Enrich


    F = 60
    R = 82

    Top speed = 242
    1st gear = 4.129
    2nd gear = 3.100
    3rd gear = 1.980
    4th gear = 1.415
    5th gear = 1.104
    6th gear = 0.913
    Final = 3.429

    IT = 10
    AS = 30
    BS = 15

    RHA = -5 -5
    SR = 14.8 15.8
    DE = 8 8
    DC = 8 8
    ARB = 6 6

    CA = 1.8 0.5
    TA = -0.15 0.25

    10 10
  20. @givmedew, your mod has helped me annihilate the gran turismo all stars championship. I had even got away with mistakes (5th at nurburgring, 1st on all rest).

    Thank you!
  21. crossup


    I forgot who did this one but to me the car was is a pussy cat, ignore the HP of course :D and I set TCS to 0 or 1 as I use a wheel
    850 kg
    HP 931
    Torque 686 ft/lbs
    (max hp will go to somewhere around 950 when broken in )

    I did not come up with this tune, i only tweaked it a little bit. i found it somewhere here on gtplanet but i cant find it now.

    Chassis Reinforcement
    Oil Change
    (you win this car in A spec so no need to do an engine build when new)

    60 85

    Transmission (Top Speed) 267 MPH

    30 30 30

    Height -28 -28
    Spring Rate 14.8 17.5
    Extension 8 8
    Compression 8 8
    Roll Bars 6 3

    Camber (-) 0.5 0.5
    Toe 0.00 0.25

    Brakes 8 7

    TCS 6
    ABS 1
    No other Aids
  22. karolinho

    Lithuania UK

    Thank you givmedew, my Bob did well with this setup.
  23. Adrenaline

    United States Nor Cal

  24. 82marmak


    Hi, this is my first post. I used your exact setup with the minolta on indy except I turned off ABS. I also use a dual shock controller. My fastest lap was 38.653 and my final time was 3:20.061. I've also used this same setup for many other tracks. It's a great setup. However, if you're using this car on anything except an oval, i would recommend using 4th as your safe gear. Only use 1st and 2nd to slow yourself if you need to, but never give gas until in at least 3rd. And even in third, only tap the gas and go into 4th gear before 4000 rpms. Thanks for the setup btw. :D
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  25. 82marmak


    man i just beat my record of 3:20.061 with your setup(with all driving aids off and top speed set to 273mph) by almost a full second. My new record on indy is now 3:19.149. (with a dualshock controller)
  26. Doing Indy 500 now. Got good faith in this car :tup:
  27. edmitreGTA


    every single one understeers rubish i lost my tune grrrr
  28. Buckley

    England East anglia

    Kill all rear downforce lighten front to suit adjust gear 249mph or something.
    I tend to get 38.1 with out slipstream and 37.6 with my best is 37.476 and 38.065 ( no slip) normal contoller.
  29. this is the setup i use for this car on most standard circuits, although it seems to be very different to most that are posted up here, i find this setup kills alot of the twitchyness that this car has, calm's it down alot and give it much better balance while still maintaining alot of it's turning ability, after trying all of the setup's posted here i find this to be my favorite, that said i dont know how it's on indy.



    BEARBOX :360



    ride hight
    spring rate
    damp ex
    damp comp


    i find the taller ride hight with the softer spring rates, roll bar's and dampener's make the car much more forgiving to mistakes such as cutting onto the ripple strip or quite changes to it's balance (rapid accaleration, braking or quick changes in direction) without sacrificing much outright grip, the increased camber does dull the braking somwhat, but makes up for it by allowing much higher cornering speeds and i find it to still be stable and able to track strait, even with the rather extreme negative camber on both the front and back wheels.

    my car's running 991 hp, limited to give it a wider max power range to give it slightly more flexibility when running it right to the edge on most track's, particularly the nurburgring.
  30. RobSimmo

    England Essex

    This set-up worked fine for B-Spec Dream Car, on the Indy Circuit
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