Mistral - The Cote D'Azure endurance

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    GT3 newbie

    This is my first and write up, so please dont rip out a mudhole :)

    This is one of my last enduro's but one that I enjoyed, even though it wasn't particularly close.

    I chose to run the 787B, after a few tweakings to the setting I started the race, Im not bothered to write out all the settings, so here's the things I changed, otherwise, everything else is default :

    933 hp
    Ride height : F - 55 | R - 55
    Damper Bound : F - 5 | R - 5
    Brake balance : F - 11 | R - 12
    Gear ratio : Auto set - 32
    LSD Acceleration : 50
    Down Force : F - 0.45 | R - 0.66
    T2 tires

    And I know I should not have done this, but the car was sliding a lot, so TCS to 8, it was so much, it was blinking practically the whole lap :indiff:

    Here was the Lineup :

    Me (787B)
    R390 LM race car
    S2000 LM race car
    RX7 LM race car
    FT0 LM race car
    XJ220 race car

    Race important events :

    The race started off and at the first corner there was a lot of bumps and scrapes, the XJ220's rear spoiler fell of after the FTO rammed into him, thats not gonna help him :dopey:

    After the first lap, the field was like this, R390 , me , and the rest all in a group, with my tires still getting warm the R390 stretched its lead to over 20 seconds, I realized cote is extremely easy on the tires, they finally came online around the 3rd lap. I started to catch up, it certainly helped me as I was knocking off 2 to 3 seconds a lap.

    I finally passed the R390 on lap 16 and it stayed that way for the rest of the race. He pitted on lap 18, which meant he was pitting every 18 laps, I was pitting every 30, I didnt take note of the other cars. My tires would stay green for extremely long.

    I realized the AI cant really drive cote well, the XJ220, was smashing into all walls, seems like the rear spoiler put him at a serious disadvantage lol. :dopey:

    Lapped the R390 on lap 57.

    Experienced lap traffic on lap 58, the RX7 coming out of the pits and using me to give him a nitro boost.

    Missed pit on lap 60, and 61 as well :scared:, so had to pit on 62, that pit is too small !! The RX7 and S2000 unlapped themselves while I was in the pits.

    Lap 63, I span out on the hairpin, I managed to lap the S2000 and RX7 again in lap 64.

    Lap 67, the R390 pitted again.

    At the end of the race, which was not close, but fun, these where the results :

    Me (787B) - 2:05:00:021
    R390 - 2:05:11:899, +2 laps
    S2000 - 2:05:13:911, +5 laps
    RX7 - 2:05:23:891, +6 laps
    FTO - 2:06:17:110, +6 laps
    XJ220 - 2:06:31:929, +6 laps

    I was constantly lapping in the 1:33:xxx - 1:36:xxx , depending on tires.
    My fastest lap was 1:32:xxx

    This netted me 500,000 and a XJ220 road car :crazy:
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    GT3 newbie

    Sorry about the edit, I pressed enter by accident halfway through the report
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    In the game, I'm sure that spoilers could not fall off?