Mt. Akinagi

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oho wait; this is perfect! I've been trying to make a touge track for the longest time with minimum success :l

add me too? PSN - iiTrAdEmArKeD

thanks! :D
This track no longer exists. I do not play GT5 anymore, and if I were to, it has disappeared, anyway.
This track NO LONGER exists. If anyone does want it, ask Korza, as he still might have it.

Hello. Recently I made this track called Mt. Akinagi and I would like to share it with you guys.


(Sorry for the cruddy image)


1st section starts out thinner then gets wider at the second section, then stays that way. Starts out going up a steep uphill, then going downhill at a medium rate. Great for cruises and Drifters, hard for LMP races.

Overall Length- 2.69 Miles
Corners- 32
Longest Straight- 0.53 miles
Elevation Change- 531.4
Enviroment- Mt. Aso (Tarmac)

If you would like it, please add your PSN and I will add you A.S.A.P.

My PSN is DuckOnTheLoose