My Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-spec

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  1. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    sup all!

    here are my cars!

    first of my daily drive, an Renault Megane 1.4 16V Break from 2002, nothing special or anything but the space comes in handy from time to time:)
    here it is standing next to an Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T. at that time i REALLY wanted to have a skyline for myself but couldnt afford one just yet...

    so yeah another 1,5 years passed (of wanting a sky lol.) and here it is!

    my '95 R33 GT-R V-spec!

    the car has a complete registered history showing that it was imported from japan in 2008 to the UK. were the previous owner did some more mods on it (12k uk pounds to be exact)
    in 2010 it was up for sale again and at the end of 2010 SW Perfomance Imported the car to the Netherlands.
    that was when i payed SW a visit. he just got the car and it looked awsome! with little to no rust to be found on the car.
    did a test drive with this an a few other gtr's (including r32) and it feeled great. i had a good feeling about this one...then i realized this was going to be my own Sky GTR! yay finally!:)

    in 2011 the paperwork was done and the car got Dutch License plates, the bottom got an anti rust treatement etc.

    well here are there specs so far:

    Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R V-spec
    year: 1995
    Condition: Grade 4.5
    Mileage: 75.000km's with full history
    Engine RB26DETT
    395BHP (tested by Dyno Dynamics in the UK in 2008 before it got another ecu etc. so current bhp still unknown, might be a bit more)
    Colour: KL0 K Spark Silver Metallic

    18 inch Volk Racing GT-C rims
    265/35/18 Dunlop SP Sportmaxx tires all around
    Öhlin Adjustable Shocks F&R
    Reconditioned 5 speed Manual Gearbox
    HKS twin plate clutch
    ARC Airfilterbox
    Greddy Reinforced Cambelt
    New Oilpump
    new Coilpacks
    AEM 3.5 bar map sensor
    AEM Air/Fuel Gauge
    AEM Boost Gauge
    AEM Boost Solenoid
    Nismo full 3 inch Stainless Steel Exhaust system
    Nismo 320km/h cluster
    Stock Turbos @ 1 bar boost
    Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
    Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
    StopTech vented brake discs up front
    StopTech Replacement rear discs
    Brembo OEM Calipers
    Airconditioning with Climate Control
    Clifford Alarm
    Electric windows and mirrors
    no rear wiper
    in 95 the optional airbags.

    Interiour is pretty much stock, only the aditional gauges and the shift knob has been changed by one from Räzo. even the Stock Japanese radio with casette is still there!

    Under the Hood:

    sitting next to the megane in my street, in the winter its going into a garage.


    Skyline at night:





    And the most Recent rolling shots:


    Showing off those tires lol...

    thanks for watching! hope you like it just as much as i do!

    it eats 911 Carrera's for breakfast:)
    even caught an Audi R8 4.2L v8 quattro with it lately:D
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  2. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Man, if that were my car, IT would be my daily driver. I'm a bit of a Skyline fanboy.
  3. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    so am i!

    but actually my work is close to my home

    i dont want to drive it for such short distances because the engine wouldnt have enough time to get on good temps. thats why i dont use it as a daily drive. the engine and oil needs to warm up first before you can slam the throttle.
    in the weekends however im going to car events, meetings etc with it and have some good fun with it:) its so addictive to get pushed back into youre seat, its amazing :D

    in the near future i want to take it to the local track too.

    here are some pics of it standing on car events and such
    all the way at the end:
    @ JAF 2011
    got skylines?
    even managed to get on
    to the left @ Showoff Imports
    on my way to Streetpower @ TT Assen with the skylineclub benelux

    this shot was made on vacation close to the importer, actually the morning after i picked the car up.

    thats all for now
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  4. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Wow, thats a whole lot of Skyline. I have to say the Skyline has to be the most awesome looking car. And the R33 looks the most badass of them all.
  5. DK

    Ireland Ireland

    I need to change my pants.
  6. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Nice to see you around mate.
  7. Tommi

    United Kingdom Lincolnshire

    Awesome! Glad you've kept the exterior near enough stock, it looks great, nice choice of wheels too. :tup:

  8. JKcreativeworks

    Netherlands Netherlands

    Ziet er goed uit.

    Looks good.
  9. Cano

    Mexico Cephiro

    ooooh awesome car! great choice of wheels, indeed. And 400 hp is enoug to kill yourself every day. Very cool.
  10. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    I accidentally came the the members ride section and I see you have a Skyline GT-R! SWEET:tup:
  11. NissanSkylineN1

    North Korea Pyongyang

    Umm.. I need to send you an invoice on the cost of my jeans and underwear.. you've ruined it.
  12. SkylineObsession

    New Zealand Dunedin

    Nice. :)

    I've driven a mates 600hp R33 GT-R before and agree with you about the 'push back in your seat' feeling - its really addictive!
  13. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    last weekend gave her a proper car wash that included claying and waxing


    this week i went to a local skyline/tuning specialist called pro import

    after a quick check of the engine it revealed that the enginebearings still sound healthy and even though the timing seemed to be set way off it had no knocking or anything bad.

    a quick check of the AEM ECU revealed that it was running way too rich aswell.

    so next week its going back for some proper maintenance
    and a complete engine/turbos check to be 100% sure ive got a proper RB in my Skyline.
    they also going to set the timing right, swap the ARC Airfilterbox for an Apexi set, and give it a full remap:)

    cant wait to discover what it will deliver after a proper tune:)

    here she is standing next to pro imports demo/time attack R33 GTR
    wich is, believe it or not, still road legal...well sort of :) currently detuned to 750hp because it had way too much power for the dutch circuits with semi slicks. it just arrived back from some testing on the streets...they are aiming for the Extreme class of the Dutch Time Attack so they are allowed to run full slicks under the car and increase the engine output again.

    inside their brand new workshop wich is still wip so they still got lots of work left to do. in 2 weeks their own dyno dynamics dyno will arrive.
  14. Encyclopedia

    Sweden Gothenburg

    Beautiful car. Nice and clean, just the way it should be. My dream car. :)
  15. Diamond1586


    Hey awesome car youve got there! And i may have seen you, i saw a grey r33 skyline driving in the direction of Zwolle.
    EDIT: the r33 and r32 are my favorite cars BTW
  16. Tha-Ran


    Hey, another Dutchie :) I live in Katwijk, not that far from you.

    Nice R33 you got there! I thought only American import cars where allowed to have those little numberplates. :confused:
  17. Dennisch

    Netherlands Hilversum


    A car like that is pretty rare in the Netherlands.

    Knalluh Jonguh! :lol:
  18. Cano

    Mexico Cephiro

    That black car alongside yours is absolutely ridiculous. Awesome. More info? a link?
  19. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands


    @Diamond1586 it is possible you might have seen me although i havent been to assen/zwolle for a while. remember that Alot of R33's have been imported in the last few years. 8/10 are GTS-T's though...

    @Tha-Ran hey! Katwijk isnt far at all! i actually drive quite some times through Katwijk with my GTR:)

    @ Cano, here is a link:
    to the right is a video of it aswell.
    funny thing is that the car is still road legal. when i visited them, the ECU mapper of Pro Import arrived with their R33 at the Garage with all the splitters and spoilers still on the car.
    they still got alot of plans for the r33. currently they are in the Lead of the Pro Street class.

    At the moment my GT-R is still at Pro Import. it had a full check up of engine and suspension and it did revealed some things.

    -The body is still in great condition with little to no rust at all
    -stock Tension rods in front were worn out so will be replaced by some Adjustable Tein Tension Rods.
    -Hicas had quite some play on its knuckles. thats possibly why it felt quite instable at some times. it will be Replaced by a Driftworks Hicas Elimination kit.
    -the ECU Mapping was complete crap, luckally the car havent run that much with this AEM ECU. it will get a Complete remap @ 1bar boost and tuned for better engine response.
    -spark plugs needed replacement
    -ignition timing was set way off by the importer. once again im happy i havent drove alot of km's with it still. cause that could have damaged the engine.
    -they also checked the turbo's and engine block from the inside wich still seem to be in great condition

    so yeah all the bad things will been taken care off immediately
    and it will get a nice upgrade aswell...

    because they had to remove the whole intake anyway to check the condition of the turbo's, it will be replaced by a complete Trust/Greddy intake with Custom greddy Piping for 15% better flow.
    it will be the 2nd GTR in the netherlands with this kit fitted.:)

    This is an older picture of the R32 GTR tuned by Pro Import. wich is the only other gtr in the netherlands wich has exactly the same intake piping/filters.

    end of next week it should be ready for pick up, Cant Wait!!:tup:
  20. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands

  21. gt4rulez

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    finally found a pic of my new intake:)
    this week she finally gets the new mapping done.

    cant wait to pic her up:D


    2 more of the Official opening of Pro Imports new location

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  22. Verrrry nice. Either one of these or the "Skyline that isn't a Skyline" will hopefully be making a spot in my garage and my heart in a couple years time.
  23. Punknoodle

    Australia Brisbane

    Skyline that isn't a skyline?
  24. Skyline 350GT/Infiniti G35.
  25. Blitz187

    Netherlands 020 A'dam

    OMG... That is a MIGHTY clean R33... How come I BARELY ever see Skylines on the road here? Theyre very rare or I see them only at car meets at Zandvoort and such.... I assume you guys don't like driving through Amsterdam huh with the crappy roads... :p From youre pictures I see there are quite a bit a skylines running around... just not around my area.... :(
  26. Punknoodle

    Australia Brisbane

  27. SkylineObsession

    New Zealand Dunedin

    Any car that has the Skyline name, or part of the name (Nissan GT-R), is a Skyline. :) Whether Renault/Nissan/die hard fans like it or not.
  28. Jay

    Australia Australia

    Yes, the V35 Skyline is just as much a Skyline as the car it replaced.
  29. Ibonibo

    Luxembourg Luxemburg

    Even though all JDM cars for Europe come through NL first??
    Bizarre. Thought Holland had a lot of JDM cars, especially since you can homologate them easier than in my Country.

    I have dips on a R33 from extreme imports, if the price is right I might be heavily tempted

    also a nice link for R33 owners not driving on the wrong side of the road:

    Looks nice your R33 :tup: really nice
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  30. Blitz187

    Netherlands 020 A'dam

    I know right.. Its strange... I rarely see JDM cars running around amsterdam... I've seen an R34 drive by here once in all the 10+ years living in Amsterdam. Theyre around NL for sure... just not that much around Amsterdam in my experience... Its overrun by German cars mostly :)
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