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Nürburgring Nordschleife 24hrs Time Trial Club

Being part of the amazing group known as Turtles (Turle Racing League), founder Ph1sher has recently started a Nürburgring Time Trial. Since then, I have put many laps and hours of practice to put together, not only a good lap time, but a clean lap time to get an official time for the TRL Leaderboard. In that span of time, i have grown fond of the so called Green Hell. I believe that, as much as it is difficult to navigate the Nordschleife, its characteristics draws many of us in to push our driving skills to the limit.

Rules: *Thanks to TRL
The Nürburgring Nordschleife TT Club has been created to test GTP Member’s driving skills. Hopefully over time, we would have built a good leaderboard to compare everyone’s times into different classes, car specifications and more. The rules of this Club are simple, bring your car tuned to a specific PP, or car model, which will be announced when ever a room is open, and run as many laps as you would like. Only clean lap times will be officially put into the leaderboard. A clean lap is considered clean only when 2 wheels are on track at all times throughout the lap. TT replays will be saved for confirmation if needed.

NNTTC Info & Settings:
Track: Nürburgring Nordscheilfe 24hrs
Mode: Online / Time Trial
Time: 12:00pm (30 Minutes)
Weather: Real Weather / Under Review
Vehicle: PP Classes / Car Models
Tuning: Allowed
Driving Assists: ABS Only
Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: On
Penalty: Strong
Mechanical Damage: Light
Grip Reduction: Real
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: Off
Boost: Off
Blind Side Spotter: Optional
Race Quality: High
Voice Chat Quality: Minimal during Time Trial

Tracks Details:

Nürburgring Nordschleife 24 Hours Track Map:

Track Locations of Note: *Thanks to Wikipedia

Flugplatz ("Flying Place")
The Nordschleife was formerly known for its abundance of sharp crests, causing fast-moving, firmly-sprung racing cars to jump clear off the track surface at many locations. Although by no means the most fearsome, Flugplatz is perhaps the most aptly (although coincidentally) named and widely remembered. The name of this part of the track comes from a small airfield, which in the early years was located close to the track in this area. The track features a very short straight that climbs sharply uphill for a short time, then suddenly drops slightly downhill, and this is immediately followed by two very fast right-hand kinks. The Flugplatz is one of the most important parts of the Nürburgring because after the 2 very fast right handers comes what is possibly the fastest part of the track: a downhill straight called Kottenborn, into a very fast curve called Schwedenkreuz (Swedish Cross). Drivers are flat for some time here.

Fuchsröhre ("Fox Hole")
The Fuchsrohre is soon after the very fast downhill section succeeding the Flugplatz. After negotiating a long right hand corner called Aremberg (which is after Schwedenkreuz) the road goes slightly uphill, under a bridge and then it plunges downhill, and the road switches back left and right and finding a point of reference for the racing line is difficult. This whole sequence is flat out and then, the road climbs sharply uphill. The road then turns left and levels out at the same time; this is one of the many jumps of the Nürburgring where the car goes airborne. This leads to the Adenauer Forst (Forest) turns. The Fuchsrohre is one of the fastest and most dangerous parts of the Nürburgring because of the extremely high speeds in such a tight and confined place; this part of the Nürburgring goes right through a forest and there is only about 7–8 feet of grass separating the track from Armco barrier, and beyond the barriers is the wall of trees.

Bergwerk ("Mine")
Perhaps the most notorious corner on the long circuit, Bergwerk has been responsible for some serious and sometimes fatal accidents. A tight right-hand corner, coming just after a long, fast section and a left-hand kink on a small crest, was where Carel Godin de Beaufort fatally crashed. The fast kink was also the scene of Niki Lauda's infamous fiery accident during the 1976 German Grand Prix. This left kink is often referred to as the Lauda Links (Lauda left). The Bergwerk, along with the Breidscheid/Adenauer Bridge corners before it, are one of the series of corners that make or break one's lap time around the Nürburgring because of the fast, lengthy uphill section called Kesselchen (Little Valley) that comes after the Bergwerk.

Caracciola Karussell ("Carousel")
Although being one of the slower corners on the Nordschleife, the Karussell is perhaps its most famous and one of its most iconic - it is one of two berm-style, banked corners on the track. Soon after the driver has negotiated the long uphill section after Bergwerk and gone through a section called Klosteral (Monastery Valley), the driver turns right through a long hairpin, past an abandoned section called Steilstrecke (Steep Route) and then goes up another hill towards the Karrusell. Once the driver has reached the top of the hill, the road then becomes sharply banked on one side and level on the other - this banking drops off, rather than climbing up like most bankings on circuits. The sharply banked side has a concrete surface, and there is a foot-wide tarmac surface on the bottom of the banking for cars to get extra grip through the very rough concrete banking. Cars drop into the concrete banking, and keep the car in the corner (which is 210 degrees, much like a hairpin bend) until the road levels out and the concrete surface becomes tarmac again. Usually cars come out of the top of the end of the banking to hit the apex that comes right after the end of the Karrusell. Shortly after the Karussell is a steep section, with gradients in excess of 16%, leading to a right-hander called Hohe Acht, which is some 300m higher in altitude than Breidscheid.

Brünnchen ("Small Fountain")

A favorite spectator vantage point, the Brünnchen section is composed of two right-hand corners and a very short straight. The first corner goes sharply downhill and the next, after the very short downhill straight, goes uphill slightly. This is a section of the track where on public days, accidents happen particularly at the blind uphill right-hand corner. Like almost every corner at the Nürburgring, both right-handers are blind. The short straight used to have a steep and sudden drop-off that caused cars to take off and a bridge that went over a pathway; these were taken out and smoothed over when the circuit was rebuilt in 1970 and 1971.

Pflanzgarten ("Planting Garden")
The Pflanzgarten, which is soon after the Brunnchen, is one of the fastest, trickiest and most difficult sections of the Nürburgring. It is full of jumps, including 2 huge ones, one of which is called "Sprunghugel" (Hill Jump). This very complex section is unique in that it is made up of 2 different sections - getting the entire Pflanzgarten right is crucial to a good lap time around the Nürburgring.

Pflanzgarten 1 is made up of a slightly banked, downhill left hander which then suddenly switches back left, then right. Immediately after, giving the driver nearly no time to react (knowledge of this section is key), the road drops away twice - the first jump is only slight, then right after (kind of like a staircase) the road drops away very sharply which usually causes almost all cars to go airborne; the drop is so sudden. Then, immediately after the road levels out very shortly after the jump and the car touches the ground again, the road immediately and suddenly goes right very quickly and then right again; this is what makes up the end of the first Pflanzgarten- a very fast multiple apex sequence of right hand corners.

The road then goes slightly uphill and then through another jump; the road suddenly drops away and levels out and at the same time, the road turns through a flat-out left hander. Then, the road suddenly drops away again very suddenly, which is the 2nd huge jump of the Pflanzgarten known as the Sprunghugel. The road then goes downhill then quickly levels out, then it goes through a flat-out right hander and this starts the Pflanzgarten 2. This part of the Nürburgring is very tricky because the road quickly switches back left and right - a car is going so fast through here that it is literally like walking on a tightrope. It is very difficult to find the racing line here because the curves come up so quickly, so it is hard to find any point of reference. Then, after a jump at the end of the switchback section, it goes through a flat-out, top gear right hander and into a short straight that leads into two very fast curves called the Schwalbenschwanz (Swallow's Tail).

The room for error on every part of the consistently high-speed Pflanzgarten is virtually non-existent (much like the entire track itself) - this is why it is such a difficult part of the circuit. The road and the surface of the Pflanzgarten moves around unpredictably; knowledge of this section is key to getting through cleanly.

Schwalbenschwanz/Kleine Karrusell ("Swallow's Tail"/"Little Carousel")
The Schwalbenschwanz is a sequence of very fast sweepers located after the second Pflanzgarten. After a short straight, there is a very fast right hand sweeper that progressively goes uphill, and this leads into a blind left-hander that is a bit slower (but still rather fast). The apex is completely blind, and the corner then changes gradient a bit; it goes up then down, which leads into a short straight that ends at the Kleine Karrusell. The Kleine Karrusell is similar to its bigger brother, except that it is a 90 degree corner instead of 210 degrees, is faster and slightly less banked. Once this part of the track is dealt with, the drivers are near the end of the lap; with 2 more corners to negotiate before the long Dottinger Hohe straight.
Montreal, Canada
Driver List:
PSN Name / GTP Name / Favorite Gran Turismo 6 Car

To join the club, please give your PSN Name, GTP Name and you favourite car. The favourite car is just for the fun of it. Once listed on the driver's list, please add me on your PSN Friends List. This way, it will be easier to find the room once it's open.

1. moeom / BigMoMo101 / Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce '09 - NNTTC Founder
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NNTTC Leaderboard

300pp - Comfort Mediums

350pp - Comfort Softs

400pp - Sports Hards

450pp - Sports Mediums

500pp - Sports Softs

550pp - Racing Hards

600pp - Racing Mediums

650pp - Racing Softs

700pp - Racing Softs

***More Classes to be added***
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Will open a room tonight for some Time Trials if anyone is up for it. For the first event, the Nurburgring will be open to 500pp Class. It will be open around 5pm-6pm. I will give an exact time a little later.

Day 1 Rules:
500PP Class: No Race Cars / Tuned to your liking.
2 Wheels on track at all time for Official Times.

ROOM OPEN: 1472-6399-8880-6894-9832
Weather: Partly Cloudy Skies with 0% of Showers

Bring you 500pp toys and enjoy the ride.
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Alright lads, anyone up for some laps around the Nurb tonight or tomorrow? Ill be able to open a room around 10pm EST.


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So down for this, I love running laps around the ring. Here's an updated driver list with those who replied or said maybe. I have also incorporated a few minor format changes which you may want to copy, or add anything else.

NNTTC Member List
To join the Nürburgring Nordschleife 24hrs Time Trial Club, please list your GTP Name, your PSN Name, your favorite car (just for the fun of it), and if you will Host sessions (refer to room settings in the original post). Please add other members to your PSN Friends List (especially hosts) to make it easier to find open rooms.

GTP Name / PSN Name / Favorite Gran Turismo 6 Car / (Host)
1. moeom / BigMoMo101 / Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce '09 - NNTTC Founder - (Host)
2. LeoStrop / LeoStrop / Honda NSX Type R '92
3. Rockhound18 / ShrumpRacer86 / Renault Sport Mégane Trophy Base Model '11 (Host)

Previously Shown Interest:
Charlie A / Warlie12 / No Answer (Apr 2, 2014)
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