NASBUS -The National Association Of Stock Bus Utility Speedway (Work In Progress)

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    Welcome to NASBUS the alternative to NASCAR Sim Racing. Ever thought NASCAR was to fast? or maybe you don't like 900bhp V8 engines then you are in the correct thread.

    98bhp whats the point?
    Anything can be raced if it has 2 or more wheels playing GT sport recently I have participated in many VW SambaBus races enjoying them to the full. This evening I joined a 30 lap race on a oval track, even though it was full of ramming idiots. Slipstreaming at 115mph in a short wheel base air cooled Van/Bus while racing was so fun which got me thinking can this be organised with some rules involving more racers.

    How will it work?
    For now NASBUS will consist of 1 race around BlueMoon Speedway, at 30-60 laps approximately 30m-1hr of racing. Cars will be fully tuned and appropriate liveries applied. The lobby will be set up to make sure that racing is as clean and fair as possible. Tire and fuel wear will be on so that you cant just race hard for all 30-60 laps you will need to pit, so strategy will be important.

    What if there is a wreck?
    If for some reason there is an accident between two or more cars call out Wreck in the in game text chat. For the next 3 laps from this message starting once the drivers have crossed the start line , the race will be under caution. Drives will form a single file line while keeping speed at 50mph/80kph,wrecked cars can catch the pack and once the 3 laps are over racing will resume at full speed. This rules is not in effect for the last 3 laps of the race.

    Racing Lanes
    Whats this you ask, see the lanes on the oval track they are there for a reason, use them as a reference point when cornering. When racing this evening i found that people are all over the track and guess what happened a massive wreck multiple times. PICK A LANE AND STICK TO IT MOVE LANES WHEN CLEAR TO DO SO.

    Bump Drafting
    This is a great way of increasing the speed of your cars, you can bump draft but please be careful and do it only on straits.


    There are four rules to liveries:

    1. Must have a large number on roof and sides of car.
    2. Must have NASBUS Logo on Front and Rear Plates.
    3. Must use American Racing Steel Wheels.
    4. No Generic Hippy Vans, Mystery Machines and rust buckets

    some ideas can be found here

    Search for the logos here using the below terms
    NASBUS Text

    Lobby Settings
    Track - Blue Moon Speedway 13:00 Fine Weather
    Laps - 30-60
    Start Type - Rolling Start - Fastest First
    Boost- Off
    Slipstream - Real
    Visual Damage - on
    Mechanical Damage - Light
    Tyre/Fuel Wear - x10
    Grip - Real
    Race Delay - 180s
    Tyre Rating - Racing Hard
    Ghosting - None
    Shortcut Penalty - None
    Wall Collision Penalty - Weak
    Side Contact Penalty - On
    Correct Vehicle - Off
    Replace Car - Off
    Flag Rules On
    ABS - Default
    All Aids - Off

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