New convert from GT6PS4 

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Hello PCars people!

So on Friday I finally took the plunge and bought a PS4 and some games. PCars is one and WOW is that a breath of fresh air after GT6 on PS3?!!

The game reminds me of the old TOCA Touring Cars game from the original PS. I love it!

Not only is the game nostalgic (for me) but it's so cool getting the most from my G29 at last. A working h-shifter and adjustable clutch pedal! And those steering wheel LEDs are amazing!

Ok, after that little burst of excitement I'm going to take a while to check out this forum and try to find some top tips.
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Have fun and do not get to frustrated as it is a lot different. However there are enough settings to make the learning curve not so bad.

I am just a casual racer and have had PS4 and Project Cars since early summer. However just now really starting to get into it. Since did not have a PS4 wheel until last week.
I will be interested on your report since I recently bought a G29 as well, I'm actually having (a lot of) fun with GT6 online but sooner or later I'll jump to the PS4, so let us know how you feel about PCars and if you find bug and glitches.
If I could make a recommendation, get your wheel settings sorted ASAP. I actually don't use a wheel myself, but know a lot who do. Almost every one of them said it was a struggle until they found a setup that worked for them.

Check out this YouTube channel by @dyr_gl

Best source for pCARS info I've come across. The Full Setup Guide, Tips and Advice, and Base Tunes are the sections that should help most getting started. Some of the older videos, the text doesn't show up on some devices, but it should work if you watch the videos on a computer, or ps4 like I did.

Also, a guy by the name of Jussi on the pCARS forum helped build the setup database. He seems to know his stuff, and I've enjoyed a lot of the tunes and setups he has published. Here's a link to his setups on the pCARS setup database.

From there, you can also explore the rest of the database, searching by make and car. Be warned though, there's lots of garbage setups in there too 😂