New Gran Turismo 7 4K Screenshots of Pre-Order Bonus Cars

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South Africa
Dont get me wrong, I'm really amped for this title, but something racing games have struggled with in the passed was to be able to to show that the tire is making believable contact with the driving surface. Have a look at how it still fails in the front view photo of the Supra where its lights are on : / no ray tracing there my friend. Either way, this game is gonna rock!
Who will preorder only because of these cars?
...not for cars, but just to have game in collection and play it day one, although digital you can get whenever you want... it is not first GT game that I preordered...

And for cars, well, you can get them in game, except you cannot get Stealth Mazda, only regular, and also, you cannot get Yaris with that livery, but I am sure people will make those :)

For me, it's 60/70$ standard digital...
Scapes don't have ray tracing enabled. Kaz said it will be aviable in replays, in the garage and in the menu demo stages (such as you can see in ghe NSX screenshots from GT Auto)
Agh... This is such a PD thing. Dynamic weather but not on all tracks, RT but not in scapes where it would make most sense. I wonder what was the technical limitation to remove RT from photo mode...
Who will preorder only because of these cars?
I'm not pre order because of the cars or the money.
In my country the games for PS5 comes really late, 15 days or 1 month after the release, so with the preorder i try to take my game maybe 1 week later from the launch and i want the physical version for the collection, the digital edition is not a choice :indiff:
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