New Guy, no Thumb Drive (No PIcs) but I'll Give it a shot. A GARAGE ADDICT'S TALE

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    CHAPTER ONE: My Introduction

    As I sat in the living room, sipping coffee and searching for a "new" car, Eliza walked in. In our ten years of marriage, we had never once gone a Saturday morning without atleast a mutter about cars. She had learned to accept my obsession with American iron, and the smell of leaded fuel was no longer a bad one to her. "What are you looking for this time?"
    "Just something a bit diff..." My voice trailed away like it had so many times before, and Eliza knew just what to do.
    "I'll go get the keys for you. What do you want to take?"
    "The G.T. 350, I guess.."
    "What are you looking at? It's not a picture of the Comcast version of the SuperBowl, is it?"
    "What?" I was still making attempts at lifting my jaw off the floor, but it wasn't working.
    "Oh my God. No. Way. There's no way it's that cheap!"
    "I-I don't understand... Go get the keys before it goes away! Write down the guy's number, I want to call him on the way!" I was just able to make out a faint smirk on Eliza's face as she walked over to the family room and grabbed to keys to one of my Mustangs. I needed the help of a few blue oval brownie points on this one. And most likely a second mortgage on the house.

    "So, how'd you find out about the car?" Jim Morgan was a thin, older man. His silver hair was slicked back, and the black belt cinched tightly around his waist held up a pair of Dickies. He'd be a tough nut to crack.
    "Actually, I saw it in the paper this morning." I still coudn't believe I had.
    "What are you looking to pay? You know, the car's all original; I've never restored it in the 42 years I've owned it." Oh, no. The original owner. Tack on another 20K right there.
    "The ad price isn't half bad at all, but I'd like to pay a bit less."
    "How about 210?"
    "Deal." I saw my wife svelt figure hunch over in agony as she heaved out the checkbook. If you had judged it's weight by the struggle Eliza had with it, you'd swear my banking was done exclusively on lead paper.

    The ride home was a different story. Eliza finally got to drive the Wimbeldon White G.T. 350; and I finally got to drive the very car I had dreamed about since high school. It was loud; it was mind-blowingly fast; it (by some sort of miracle) had a big-block; and by God, it handled well! I was completely dumfounded that the car wasn't an oversteering pig. Sure, first was useless, but second at least had a safe amount of traction at half throttle. It was finally at my control; a legend. Heck, the plans I had for this car were already swirling around my head. That's right. I had acquired a '67 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, and I wasn't going to park it. Some call me crazy, but I just say I'm using the car the way Carroll Shelby himself intends.

    "Honey! It's time for dinner; I made steak!" Eliza must have been calling me for at least ten minutes, but I was in the middle of my supercharger install. The big Weiand would miraculously fit under the hood with a set of low-rise engine mounts, even with the notoriously tall deck height of the 427. It was all coming together. "Babe, let's go!"
    "Alright, alright." I gave in, but not before getting a faceful of Goodyear's best rubber, circa 1967. "Damnit!" I really wasn't used to working on cars with such wide front tires, and by the time the World Classics series rolled around the following Sunday, I would most certainly had a permanent script of the tire size on my forehead. Hey, at least I'd never forget what size slicks I'd have to buy, right?


    Coming soon: Chapter 2, The First Race.
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    its weird, unbelievable, and just plain weird, nice nonetheless.
    gimme races
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    Kind what I'm shooting for:sly: I may restart. I was kind of shooting for a weathy perspective, you know?

    EDIT: Better???
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    Chapter 2: The First Race (Part One)

    It was Friday afternoon, and I was a bit tired. I had never had so much trouble with a simple roots-type blower install. But, the side-oiler Fords were testy old girls, and only rewarded you when you were good to them. Forty-two years of sitting in a garage wouldn't change that.

    No matter how much that motor had fought me the night before, I had to clean my head; and by the end of my twelth cup of Folger's (black, I'll have you know...) I decided it was finally time to get out on the track. Laguna Seca was a familiar track for me, so taming 675 WHP wouldn't be as hard as it could have been. This season would thankfully give me a chance to get started.

    The test session began, and I fired up the Cobra. Though the vicious howl of the 427 firing up was a bit of a shock to the rest of the garage, I was used to turning heads. After all, muscle cars are my thing. I rolled gingerly out of the clutch, and barely caught first without chirping. This car had alot more torque than I had expected. I rolled out of the paddock, and began to lean ito it. The speed limit in the pits of Laguna Seca is thirty, and I was having a hard time keeping it that slow. And so here it was, the famous exit of the Laguna Seca pits. I hit it hard, and the gas pedal just dared me to go faster. Second, third, fourth; this car ate up the track like nothing I had driven before. As turn 3 got closer, my steering wheel got farther away. 100, 110, 120, 130, 140; the top of fourth was coming fast. Okay, back down to eighty-five for the entry; aaand.... NOW! I pinned it, and the rear end went in a totally different direction. The gravel trap was marching at me, and the only way to save it was to grap an armfull of opposite lock and hang on. Turn 3 filled with a blue haze of Goodyear, and the old Shelby hooked. This was going to be a fun horse to tame.
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    Nice to see a bit of American Muscle in the Race Reports :tup: I'll be seeing where is this heading :)
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    It's definitely got promise, but could certainly use pictures.
    Given that you've posted pictures in your tuning garage, why can't this report benefit from some illustration too? ;)
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    No Cobra ever had a 429. 427, yes, 429, no.

    429s and 460s are overweight hulks that don't make enough power to counteract themselves next to an FE (352, 390, 406, 427, 428, etc).
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    cobrawannabe, nice story so far. I'll keep an eye on this one. :tup:
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    Rotary Junkie...
    *Ahem* 429 was a typo. Sorry. BTW, there are few on this forum who can rival me on American Iron knowledge. I am fairly confident:sly:

    None of these engines were crap. Sure, the FE was a better engine, but to say a 429 was a useless hulk is ridiculous. Have you ever heard of the Mustang CJs? My life is Fords, as is my business. Please, don't insult my intelligence. The big-block Fords were all great engines. Hell, even the small-block Windsors, which got a bad rap for the 2-bolt mains were excellent engines. If you're going to start this conversation, you better bring a stacked deck and a tall pint.

    Thanks for the replies, nice to get some feedback, guys:)

    EDIT: Where did I say 429?

    EDIT 2.0: Whoops, got it.
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    This story is not that bad. If you could add some pictures it could be better. But nonetheless I will keep my eye on this. I like the fast updating. :tup:
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    Sorry everyone, fell out of the rhythm. I should be updating this soon, if anyone remembers it....:sly:
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    I certainly didn't. I hope that didn't sound too rude.