New PlayStation 5 Ad Spot Reveals More Gran Turismo 7 Content

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Because they felt like it? why would Polyphony say "We're working on GT7." back in 2014, and then announce Gran Turismo Sport instead of the oh-so-longed-for "Gran Turismo 7", can you explain it to me that?

Because they decided to change the name partway through, or they just didn't want to spoil the surprise. Everyone was expecting GT7 next, it was the next obvious game so it was no harm Kaz talking about "GT7", even if he already knew at that stage it was really GTS. It's called misdirection.

People have said many times in the game code there are references to GT7, or GT7SP. GT Sport was the game they were developing at that time, there is absolutely no evidence that a 2nd game, an actual GT7, was in development alongside it. I mean if it was, "GT7" that would mean has been in development for over 6 years now. I highly doubt it, PD don't have the resources.
That's good and bad at the same time.
Good because it allows Polyphony to take full advantage of the PS5 and bad because it's the first time Polyphony has skipped 1 GT per console cycle.
Actually 2, since GTSport is not a proper GT game.
There is no first time skipping a console cycle whatever that means.
Unless your refering to with GT Sport on the PS4 its the first time they did not release 2 GT games per console cycle.
PS5 just got released aswell so how in the hell are they skipping a console cycle if its coming in 2021?

GT Sport was more of a esports focused game and not your traditional GT numbered game but the game was made by Polyphony so it is a proper GT game. What are you even on about mate?
So, considering there literally was a GT4 Prologue before GT4, and also a GT5 Prologue before GT5, why isn't GT Sport 'just' called GT7 Prologue?

I think holding on to traditions like that won't do any good,nowadays game patches and DLCs are quite easy to implement.So you don't need to wait for a new gran turismo for new cars and other updates.
I still think that Gran Turismo 6 could've been a big expansion to GT5 instead of a full new game(but that's my just my hottake)
It may be a subtle distinction but Somy is not "holding back GT7" until more PS5s are sold. Yes, they may sell more GT7 copies by launching it later but they are not delaying the game for that reason. If that were the case, they would delay it until 2024 or so. Flagship game sales during console transitions are not quite the same as a typical game launch. People will buy a flagship game when they upgrade consoles, even if that game is 6 months or a year old.

PD have, for the most part, earned the right to launch the game when it's ready. Yes, I am sure they still get pushed a little to meet strategic windows but it's obvious that if they need an extra 6 or 12 months, they'll get it.
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That was only 6 months after GT6 release.

Because following your established numerical order while 'naming' your next future project in an interview, just as your latest game is being released, would seem quite logical and natural?
And they didn't announced GT Sport 'instead' of GT7. It's the same game.
It was named after Sport Mode.

"GT Sport is a regular title of the GT Series."
"For me, Gran Turismo Sport is Gran Turismo 7."
" ... you can consider it as ”Gran Turismo 7“
" ... maybe “Gran Turismo 7 Sport”
" ... marks the beginning of a new generation or era"
"We want a change! Let’s burn it to the ground.”

It's as much of a prologue as it is a demo or Beta, which also seems a fashionable claim here.
It's clearly too big to be a demo.
It literally had a closed Beta 6 months before release.
And the game has been out 3 years, the next release is on a new generation console, and they had precedent to call it a 'Prologue' if that is what it is.
Clearly it isn't.

It's a little similar to the way people try to connect GT7 with the PS4.
Unless I've missed something over the last 6 months, there hasn't been any link to the PS4 at all.
All videos it's shown in are for 'PS5', any 'event' it's shown in is for PS5, and the PlayStation Blog and website have always only referred to the PS5.
Ok, that seems logical to me, and my only response to that would be the internal name of Gran Turismo Sport. "GT7SP". And given the fact that Gran Turismo for PSP is "GT5M", you may get an idea of where I'm going for.

You know, Gran Turismo PSP has more to do with Gran Turismo 5 than Gran Turismo 4, its physics are somewhat the same, and the general UI is more reminiscent of Gran Turismo 5, the only thing that has to do with Gran Turismo 4 are the graphics.

BUT I'm not here to talk about GT PSP (I'm sick of writing its entire name lol) all I'm saying is right now, after all, the internal name matters the most, as someone would think that the commercial name is actually what defines the device in its entirety, because it's all about marketing, to have a name that makes people get interest on the product... iPhone 8 is actually iPhone 10,1 not 8, it's purely marketing, iPhone X is iPhone 10,3, get it?

GT7, at its current stage of development, may have the same race HUD, physics, and probably same AI as seen in GTS. AND if the final product looks like GTS, would it really matter tbh? GTS was, and still is spectacular even for today's standards, my main point was to talk that GT7 IS in fact an improvement on graphics over GTS, or as you may hate my take, Gran Turismo 7 Prologue, not to discuss about whether this was GTS+, GTS 2.0, or whatever, and I apologize for bringing that subject to this matter, because you apparently gave it more importance the "Gran Turismo 7 Prologue" than what I said after that.
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Well i guess this is an early build because the leader light system is glitched.I thought the GT7 trailer was just gtsport with a texture update but it seems to be a separate dev build.

There should be two lights on the porsche like this :


Game looks great tho but it's weird to live in an age where no massive graphics jump happens anymore,i remember the jump from gt2 to gt3,mindblowing stuff.

I have the same feelings. The jump from GT2 to GT3 was big, the one from GT4 to GT5 was also big, but now...GT7 looks like a slightly updated version of GT-S. Of course.. the grafic is already good, but still far away from "I cannot see the difference between game and real footage." Especially in a video! I still miss the natural, no game-look-style. Maybe because all cars are way to clean and shiny. We need more dirt! :D
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I see nothing in GT7 to get really excited about. Some old fantasy track and a couple of cars? Wow! Insert sarcasm.
I see nothing in GT7 to get really excited about. Some old fantasy track and a couple of cars? Wow! Insert sarcasm.

Return of the Simulation Mode, GT4-styled map menu, Used Car Dealer, GT Auto, Tuning Shop, hugely improved campaign mode, return of an absolute fan favorite and legendary track, not just a "old fantasy track". This will be basically GT returning to its roots without throwing away everything GT Sport has built on the past few years.

Definitely nothing to be excited about.
Nonsense: comparing Demon's Souls graphics with Dark Souls 3, and porting that idea with Gran Turismo 7 it's just simply too farfetched.. Comparing Gran Turismo Sport with the 7th is something like comparing Spiderman on PS4 with Spiderman Remastered on PS5. Ah, keep in mind that it's still on development! Criticising its visual when a game, where we don't even know at what stage of development is at, it's unfair.
Bottom line, wait 'till more images show up, and not rejected images from mid 2020. Although the car painting being reflected on the tarmac looks marvelously impressive...

I agree man
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I have the same feelings. The jump from GT2 to GT3 was big, the one from GT4 to GT5 was also big, but now...GT7 looks like a slightly updated version of GT-S.
Simply because, again, Gran Turismo Sport might just be Gran Turismo 7 Prologue. GT7's blueprint.

It was obvious to me the moment I saw the limited car count, no real free customization with body mods and tuning parts (just ridiculous performance points), short offline mode etc..and of course the moment I heard about that "Sport" in the title. Something was fishy. E-Sports were the perfect excuse to hide the truth.
Imagine in PD called it GT7P....people would have freaked out and it would have been obvious to expect a "full" game to follow up on the same console.
PD basically "skipped" a gen because they knew they weren't able to deliver another full game in time. Plus they already experienced the risk of releasing a title (GT6) near the end of PS3's life, with PS4 around the corner. It was a bad move IMO. Me and other people I know were expecting GT6 to be released on PS4.

Once again they took their time to dish out a new full game to follow GT6.
This is nothing new, really. We know how long it took them to release GT5 for example.

Also, I'm surprised people praise PD for giving us continuous free content. It's content that should have been in GTS since day one, but it was unfinished. We paid for it. They were just adding things as time went on.

(I might have triggered someone with this comment. I don't mind. My opinion is not gonna change, for me this is reality and facts)
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I really don't know if the extra content was part of the plan. Such as the licencing of cars: The Lotus thing. The ND MX-5 N200 "race/track" car. Having cars no older than 2009. Trying to add Spa.

In game code, named GT7.

Whether the game was ready or not, going through the trouble to make an ad about burning it to the ground. Making a full ad about 7-77yo. Promoting this game as "sport". They tried something new and majority of players did not like it. Hence, GT League and all other content.

The outsourcing, the extra content, the new job openings. PD just could have been saving it all for PS5, as what we see happening now. The GTS wasn't going to sell well and suffice for players, in its debut state. We saw what happened.

Anyway, GT7P or whatever name people want to label GTS, the fact it took Kaz to see how much the FIA finalists were still playing the classic games, he saw how much it means to GT Fans. That's the game we will be seeing in GT7.
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I'm really hoping we get a trailer with all-new content being shown at the World Finals next weekend, and I think that'd be the perfect place to show more.

Yes, I'm hopeful of this too. I'm also slightly optimistic that they may provide a firm release date at the World Finals? It would be a great way to get the word out to the public.

Fair warning - I'm an eternal optimist who is often disappointed. :odd:
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I’m sure the delay after several years given to develop is showing the ambition of GT7. Games nowadays are getting more and more complex with new hardware and tolerance that gamers have nowadays. Gran Turismo is simply a massive game now, too massive to pump a game every three years.

They pushed their models to the limit with GT Sport, and the low car count was probably just enough to get by for a prologue-like title to juuuust make the PS4 life cycle. Forza’s massive manpower let’s them have a bi-yearly life cycle, but even they had to break that for the upcoming one. GT5 delays must’ve been a wake up call for them, and rushing GT6 confirmed their suspicions I suppose of trying pump out a second game, and how empty that result would be.

The delay is understandable, just imagine how much work they’re still doing and have to do. Gran Turismo is too big to rush now, say goodbye to the two-game-per-console style tradition.
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Launch title no more
Of course it's a Launch Title. The first ever Gran Turismo 7, for PlayStation 5! The very first time Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 in the new decade. It launches a new era, on a new console, for the franchise. Launch title indeed. :sly:
Of course it's a Launch Title. The first ever Gran Turismo 7, for PlayStation 5! The very first time Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 in the new decade. It launches a new era, on a new console, for the franchise. Launch title indeed. :sly:
and the ps4 got nuthin'..

Only a prologue known as gt sport :(