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    Hello there, I am new to GT5 being that I have just recently and finally acquired a PS3. I have maxxed out my time on GT4 on my PS2 and needed to upgrade to newer game. I bought a new unwrapped GT5 XL and inside was a voucher for DLC, and when i tried such voucher code i was told by the system it was expired. I did some research on GTPlanet forums to find out all DLC was removed and the servers closed.
    So now i have a fully functional GT5 (vers. 2.17, it removed and disabled all online server things like Seasonal Events and such...) but no way to get the cool cars that were only available via the DLC car/race/sport packs.
    My question to all who read this is how can I get these cars, is there a way to trade cars like in GT4? if so how?
    I was told about Garage Editor, and is something i know nothing about, and know little about "modding" games..
    Thank you for listening and awaiting replies...
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    GT5 needs to be on version 2.11 for the Garage Editor (which is a PC program) to work optimally/properly. @2_FAST_4_U could tell you more.
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    Bloody hell, i have a Mac laptop and no full access to a PC, the ones i have access at my job needs admin access to install and use programs.
    any chance there is a Mac version?
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    I started to play from scratch gt5 and gt6 this year.. For example I have gt6 anniversary edition and when I started again I couldn't get something like 20 very expensive cars and bunch of other stuff (don't have codes anymore and even if I have they probably wouldn't work) .. In GT5 I also don't have all the cars (but how many of them you really miss).. Bro there's so much things to do in GT5, just enjoy the game.. Only thing you missed from the game is good online (best in GT games IMO) ..