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This is a redo of the old thread about the patch 1.2, this is because basically almost all the thing i made or say during the first year now are obsolete, incomplete or downright false now, so to avoid confusion i decided to redo this one, unfortunately i cant delete the old thread so that is going to stay there.

The goal of this patch is to solve some physics issues with the vanilla game, and to make a simplified and common system to make all the car mods compatible and the most stable possible, with that said, ALL THE PHYSICS/CAR MODS ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH THIS, ONLY THE PATCHED CARS CAN BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS MOD

Here i am more active (which it isn't too much):


Here is the Link for the compatible cars, and the intructions of installation
1. Unpack the game (the UCP) (
2. Install a car into the game (
(just to understand the next step, before step 3 remove any car mod)
3. Install the patch 1.2 (
4. Make a modded car compatible for the patch 1.2 (
5. Detail a modded car, i suggest to read the previous file to use this one (
Patch link (this is the steam version, the origin one is in
Car Mods

And here they are some of the changes in the game
ps: this is incomplete because i don't remember all the things i made until now
-Integrated some other mods to the patch so you can avoid installing it, those are
--Reworked sunlight (without shaders)
--Hidden cars
-Remade all the engines used in all the cars, with some new additions so now all cars ave a more "natural" torque curve and a different amount of back torque
-Change the weight to its curb weight (based mostly under the DIN or UE protocols)
-Change the inertia based on the ptmu's file
--*There is some modification when the weight is less than a ton
-Change the base drag to the real coefficient of drag (or at least the best approximate i can find)
-Remade the entire turbo system, so the supercharger can have faster reaction compared to the turbos, and the bigger the turbos are, the more time are going to build up its total boost
-Remake the entire gearing system, now that include the race mods too
-Redesign the entire tire system, using the ptmu's slip curve, mixing both ptmu and g-tyres system, with some og code as well
-Total Redesign of the modification system, now all are ordered in a more linear, but simpler order, making the modding of new vehicles easier
-Design a new suspension geometry since all the og geometries are just double a arms in front and back
-With the new suspension geometry i remade the entire suspension configuration in the chassis file
-Increase the ai passes per tick and decrease the helps of the AI so it behaves more "naturally"
-Make a new design for the generic speedometer
-Make some changes to the ai behavior in some tracks because they usually overshoot the road
-Make some modifications to the career races so now all the class types (legends and retro) can be selected in the modern races
-Increased the number of laps in the "modern" events
-Deleted the "sepia" effect on old tracks
-The Statistic of the car know are going to be what i measure with in-game data so that's going to be some differences with the real world data
-The boss races now has a fixed range now so now you only can use a car between -100/+50 of the boss ip car
-Except for the Lexus LFA, the Toyota supra and the dodge challenger, the rest of the sh cars had an engine swap for slightly more powerful engines
-Put 7-speed transmission the Koenigsegg Agera, Gumpert Apollo and other cars who had stock but uses different gears
-Make a new suspension for the lancer sh
-Change the class from road to race (GTX) Of some of the VIP cars and most of the race-like ones
-Changed the sound of all the Paganis so now you can hear an actual engine and not a hellish scream
-Make a new engine for the Nissan GT-R V spec, the boss 930 and the sh rx-7
-Added a 6 speed transmission in both SLR race modification (applies too to the SL65)
-Removed the R8 spyder swap engine
-Added a new class to the drift boss, so now you can use his car in the muscle class too
-Solve minor problems with the rest of the cars
--Unify the z4m and e46 m3 since bot share engine
-Replace the Caterham R500 speedometer
-Solved a problem with the sound of the Alfa Romeo 8c (applies to the spyder version too)
-Modified the best way i can the GT40 engine sound
-Add a 7-speed transmission in the race Cayman and a 6 one in the challenger
-Make modification to the race gearing on multiple cars
-Removed The Lexus Is-F Swap
-Changed the swaps of both z, so now they have a street VK engine instead of the racing one

-More changes in the engines
--In this case unlikely the previous cases, almost all sports fwd cars have the same engine (a bad designed VW 2.0) regardless of its brand
-Add some engine swaps for some cars, this is more to experimentation but some can stay
-Both RX7's now will have for swap the 20B-REW from the eunos cosmos, and the mx5 sadly will have it swap possibly removed
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Now initially i wanted to repack the game but unfortunately the additions and new issues are so big that i cant do that anymore
And some extra notes:
-The patch (or mod, whichever you want to name it) requires the game to be unpacked and its incompatible with pretty much everything, I'm going to post a list of cars and mod which are actually compatible
-If you're using origin you need to delete the exe of the patch before installing it (this is extremely important)
-You can install miscellaneous mods before the patch (like the wheels mod, hd enchantments, or buttons overlay) but all the cars mod need to going after
Something like the image below
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Finally i can put the first mod cars to the patch, here is going to be a list with the compatible cars
A class
  • Ferrari F50 GT
  • Ferrari FXX
  • Ferrari F430 GTC
  • Ferrari F430 Challenge
  • Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  • Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider
  • Porsche 911 GT1
  • Ferrari 575 GTC
  • Dodge Viper GTS-R '99
  • Pagani Zonda GR
  • Lotus Type 49 B (Highly Unstable)
  • Porsche 935/79
  • Ferrari 512 BB LM
  • Ferrari 512 BB Competizione
  • Amuse S2000 GT1
  • McLaren M6GT
  • Ferrari F40
  • Ferrari F50
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • RUF CTR "Yellowbird"
  • Bugatti Chiron
B class
  • Ferrari F430 Spider
  • Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  • Ferrari 575M Superamerica
  • Ferrari California 30
  • BMW M4 (F82)
  • BMW M5 (E60)
  • BMW M5 (E34)
  • BMW M5 (E39)
  • BMW M5 (F10)
  • BMW M6 (F12)
  • Tesla Roadster (Unstable)
  • Saleen S281SC
  • Mercedes SLK 55 AMG (R132)
C class
  • BMW 535i (E28)
  • BMW CSL 3.0 (E9)
  • BMW 535i (E39)
  • BMW M635i (E24)
  • De Tomaso Pantera L
  • Toyota Celica Gt-Four (ST205)
  • VW New Beetle Turbo S
  • Toyota Camry SE

D class
  • Honda Fit Sport
  • Mazda 2
  • Nissan Micra
  • Peugeot 107
  • Toyota Yaris
  • VW Voyage
  • Honda Del Sol SiR
  • Scania 113H
  • Morgan 3 Wheeler

The link of the folder is upwards, and again the installation order of the patch and cars is something like this
Captura de pantalla (105).png

If you still have questions the discord server is up as well
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Btw this is more like an advise, but the f0ck3rs of ea started to delist all the old games (early 2010's) today, so if you want to buy this game in steam buy it NOW
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Aaaand the game is delisted from the main platforms, only the key retailers have the game, so more less the game is in state of free real state
How can i do it? i´ve been searching in game files but none of them worked
In the car folder (vehicles/car_name) there is a file with the ext .cdv, open that one with notepad and in the steering range, now this only changes the steering, and do not add something else, so the arms are going to be outphased
In the car folder (vehicles/car_name) there is a file with the ext .cdv, open that one with notepad and in the steering range, now this only changes the steering, and do not add something else, so the arms are going to be outphased
i tried, it really changes the arms animation, but there is some way to change the wheel animation too? in the g27 software when the "allow game to ajust settings" box is on, the game changes the "steering lock" option from percentage to degrees of rotation, but just in these logitech wheels. , g29, g920 and so on does not change...
i tried, it really changes the arms animation, but there is some way to change the wheel animation too? in the g27 software when the "allow game to ajust settings" box is on, the game changes the "steering lock" option from percentage to degrees of rotation, but just in these logitech wheels. , g29, g920 and so on does not change...
this is because its an old game, there is no much else you can do, maybe its possible to add those but i dont know how to do it
And still alive, but the servers and stores pages are death, you know what to do, but the main thing i want to put here is some configurations for the controllers and keyboard for the patch, these are an approximate and you can tweak it, but for me (with an xbox controller) work fine
This one is the xbox one
Captura de pantalla (01).jpg

And this one the keyboard one
Captura de pantalla (02).jpg
And this is a comprehensible (i think) step by step guide on how install this thing as well as some extra steps, this is form the discord server btw
1. Unpack the game (the UCP) (
2. Install a car into the game (
3. Install the patch 1.2 (
4. Make a modded car compatible for the patch 1.2 (
5. Detail a modded car, i suggest to read the previous file to use this one (
Thanks for all of the effort you put in to this patch/update.
Can i ask if you have HD mod/Sun mod for shift 1 ?
I can't find them anywhere:confused:

Is there any complete pack of mods/patches for the game?
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Thanks for all of the effort you put in to this patch/update.
Can i ask if you have HD mod/Sun mod for shift 1 ?
I can't find them anywhere:confused:

Is there any complete pack of mods/patches for the game?
Unfortunately no, almost all the shift 1 mods were lost during the death of NGR
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And after more time i have some updates, and even if all the cars mentioned in the list are compatible, there are only a few cars that are up to the final physics standards of the patch, the first batch of said cars are:
D-Class patch
  • Honda Fit
  • Mazda 2
  • Peugeot 107
  • Toyota Yaris
  • VW Gol

Ferrari Add-on
  • 575 SA
  • 599 GTB
  • All the 430's
  • F50 GT
  • FXX Evoluzione

Old Vs New BMW
  • 535i E28
  • 535i E39
  • CSL 3.0
  • M4 F82
  • M5 E34
  • M5 E39
  • M5 E60
  • M5 F10
  • M65csi
  • -M6 F13

ELMS 70's
  • Ferrari BB LM S1 (Competizione)
  • Ferrari BB LM S2
  • Porsche 935
  • Revision to M1, capri, CSL gr4 and 930 rsr
Standalone Mods
  • Morgan 3 wheeler
  • Sauber C9
  • Nissan R390
  • Toyota Prius
  • Subaru Impreza 22b
  • Pagani Zonda GR
  • Dodge Viper GTS-R
  • Amuse S2000
  • SRT Viper GTS-R
Finally some notes

  • This is ONLY FOR THE PHYSICS, i dont have the hardware or capacity to make changes of the visuals
  • You will need the compatibility files to avoid errors or crashes, the links are in the link of the first post

For now i will update the cars in batches since they are mostly standalone mods
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Hello, Railgun. Nice to get to know you here. Can't thank you enough for all your devoted effort in this one as well as for reliable data-based approach in modding this thing. Had been wishing for playing this game since a long time and it has only become true this year after buying a used 2017 AMD-powered laptop. I play with a keyboard. So far I've completed the GT3 series with UCP + G-Tyres under manual transmission, low traction control, and ABS. I've started to experience your patch for the first time only yesterday and really liked the new challenge to the point that I might want to re-race some of my career achievements with your patch.
IMO, now the B and A Class stock cars are less arcadey and the differences in their tuning are more pronounced. Haven't tried the C and D Class yet. So far, I only have the patch and compatibility installed, no car mods (yet). I have something to ask at this point: every time I go to a quick race with my Aston Martin GT3 with, say, five opponents of the same class, all of them are Ford Capris. Do you think we can get more variety here?
And also, I know you must have had a long list of things to mod in this endeavor, but just if I could have a say about another direction you could take a look in, I think more classic muscle cars would be welcome in this game. I tried some before coming across your patch, such as Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Plymouth Hemi Cuda. Unfortunately, I found their physics are not up to par, thus can not be raced satisfyingly with the stock ones. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your great work, pal. It would surely keep me interested to this game for perhaps many months to come.
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Just now came across some findings you might be able to help with.
First, I have some lighting issues. Below here is my screenshot of a GT1 race in Road America. The top one is with your patch+compatibility, which looks overbloomed IMO, and the bottom one is with only UCP. I don't use any other lighting mod in both. After paying more attention to the day races with your patch, they look overbloomed as well. I think it might be related to the reworked sunlight mod integrated into your patch. Since you wrote that the mod is provided without shader, does it mean that I need to run a shader on the top of it to make it work? Any suggestion?
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My second issue looks even quirkier.
So far I only have one race uncompleted in Legends Single Exhibition, that is Hazyview Eight. Strangely, my other Legends races become like this. If I press Enter on keyboard right away, nothing will happen; but if I go to Change Car from the menu at the bottom of the screen and select this car again on the list, I'll be able to go to the loading screen for a while, then the game crashes.

My third one is no less. When entering the racing in Miami during Cities of the World Tour in Works category (I've won this category), I will race alone if I go with my Subaru. If I go with my Mazda or Audi, then with full grid opponents as usual.

Things go back to normal when I revert to UCP. Any advice?
The first its because a failed shader attempt, i think i deleted it before, if you have it in (beta) then is that, if not i will check it, the second was a strange error, the solution for now is to replace this file inside dlc1-pakfiles, the 3rd is a new problem, i will check it, but for the looks its obviously that you selected a car that is not inside the parameters of the event (a works car), so you need to avoid that


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As an extra note, if you install the patch you need to sell all the old cars before playing with those since are very different from vanilla
Thank you for your timely attention and response. As for the beta, I don't have it since this Patch 1.2 is my first time experience with your enhancement mod. Can I still find the beta somewhere? As for the second error, I'll try it with the replacement file. And for the third one, both of my Subaru and Audi are Works. I can drive them normally in Works races under UCP. Will surely sell all my previously owned cars then and see the new physics in action. Many thanks, Railgun!
For the weather i think i solved the problem the followinf files need to be replaced in tracks/data/weather


    105 KB · Views: 16
Whoa, you're providing solutions way faster than a paid-product customer service agent! I'm (and I believe many more out there as well are) so, so grateful for your exemplary helping hand! So, the aforesaid lighting issue is related to "weather" files ... will try it with the new files, then. Thanks!

Now to give some clarity to my opinion about the cars in my first post, when I said that I've tried some A Class cars, they're not "native" A Class cars, but C- and B-Works-converted-to-A-Class cars instead. In my Aston Martin GT3, the difference in physics is [subjectively] barely noticeable compared to what I see so profound in C- and B-Works cars now. In addition to it, having found your recording on Modern A Invitational in YouTube, I decided to try the event myself and found that the MP4-12C still drives as poorly as I can remember with only G-Tyres back then (even better than in vanilla, though).

Looking back at your now a-couple-of-year-old posts on car-by-car modding reviews (an evident voluntary perseverance I salute you for), can't remember any discussion on a native A Class car there. Most are about the other Classes, both in stock and race/Works versions. Is it just me who fails to notice what the patch does to the native A Class or is it indeed not yet modified in any way?

Also, regarding your suggestion to remove the previously owned vanilla cars from garage (and presumably to get them back from the car lot afterwards if I wish to try the new physics), what about the non-removable bonus cars (which happen to be A Class ones if I remember correctly)? Won't they get the benefit of the new physics, then?

Another piece of curiosity: with the patch, the prize cars in Modern C and B Invitationals are changed to Porsche 914 and Corvette Stingray, respectively. I can find these cars in the Car Lot, unlike, say, Lotus Exige in UCP which is awarded in Modern C and unavailable in the car lot, making it feels rather special. Is there possibly any rationale of offering those two cars as the new prizes instead?
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For skoob, if you're referring to the mod that deletes the grid characters and banners is called wipeout, i think i left a link in the discord.

For solonese, for the price cars, the best solution for that is to install the hidden car mod, the only downside is that deletes all the event restrictions.
For the price cars, im planning to put an unique car, my main issue with the 3 price cars is that they have a works conversion, which is not reversible, that and because 2 of the 3 cars were in an inferior class at start, heck even the s2 elise is almost (if not) in the b class, so the main plan is to put mods of a same brand without works conversion to replace those
And for the Cars, the main thing that comes to mind to the steering is the settings, here i posted a baseline with adv settings for keyboard and controllers, since because the new tires some base settings were destroyed, if is not that then i really didn't understand your issue, and tbh selecting a gt3 imo is the worst baseline since after some reworking (in progress) they are less grippy that i thinked before.
Anyway, maybe the issue of modified cars are the extra grip/power, making it more homogeneous during this phase, only to be more unique again during their phase 4 (fully upgraded) and phase 5 (works conversion)
So, that's the idea ... By the way, the first three issues I reported to you (i.e. dazzling graphics, broken legends races, and absence of opponents in Works race) have all been solved after implementing your solution (replacing weather files, DLC1 file, and selling the vanilla cars in the garage and buying them anew). Buying and Works-upgrading a new Subaru allows me to enter the Works race with it normally though the car is now in much higher IP and a meaner machine that comes with a new learning curve to master. I'll check my keyboard settings for the steering. Thanks a lot!
In addition, what about the physics in the non-removable bonus cars, such as the bosses'? Is it possible to get the new physics for them too somehow?
For now the solution is to activate the hidden car mod, or more specifically replace the unlockableitems.xml (inside the properties folder), although there is sometimes where after you selling the bosses car, it will lock itself again so you will need to win the boss event to unlock it in the dealership
Understood, but now I wonder a little bit. If the boss cars are won instead of bought (during a new career for example), will their physics be updated as well?